Hear ye my son, of the dark and chaotic decades after the Masters had vanished from the face of the world, the races formerly led by the Masters began to rapidly expand their power and spheres of influence. many nations and races chose to erase all vestiges of their former lords. Some had chosen to deify or pay homage to the memory of those now departed beings. The Northmen had chosen to revere the memory of those who had given their people great gifts of knowledge and magic.

In the first years after the masters disappeared a First whose name has been lost to history left his village to seek his own lands and kingdom. it is told he defeated many great beasts and attained great power. sadly it is said for him to have sons he would have to give his life before their birth. and so he did. his sons were named Thorwulf and Knut. two brothers who would both be great in name and deed. Thorwulf proved to be a great and powerful hero, he had slain the great beasts of Gullig and Og. Giant winged lizards with breath of fire. Knut would sing of the bravery and valor of his brother in lands near and far. Skald he would be called. After founding his own Jarldom he was slain be Grimmgar the Jarl of the Gotts. But Grimmgar would not leave the land of Thorwulf, Knut cut him down and placed his head on the heat of the grand seat in Thorwulfs mead hall. and years later Knut would pass peacefully in his sleep into the halls of Valhalla, where he would find eternal youth and would sing to the gods of Thorwulfs greatness.

After Thorwulf was taken by the Valkyrie, his sons Thorbard and Tyrbrand became his inheritors. Thorbard ruled the land with strength but was guided by the wisdom of Tyrbrand. The realm was prosperous and many great warriors traveled abroad raiding the kingdoms of the south and east, such as Thorangia, Peldanor, and the Thanelands. The brothers led for almost twenty years when the beast called Hlangbard slew many brave carls and the younger brother Tyrbrand. Thorbard in a rage sought vengeance and slew Hlangbard. Thorbrand would live many years and pass his throne on to his eldest son, Osric.

At the same tme the sons of Knut were Havlan and Harthacnut. Havlan had adopted the life of humble farmer, though in his own right maintained a powerful sword arm. and Harthacnut harbored a festering hatred for his cousins Thorbard and Tyrbrand. He desired the throne. Harthacnut felt that he could quest for the sword of Thorwulf he could acquire a band of warriors of his own and take the throne for himself. however his plans were foiled by the workings of the crones. his thread was ended when he slipped from the side of the mountain called Trollmunt. and Havlan passed a few years later when the north realm was plagued by the withering disease. both had sons, Havlan begot Finn and Harthacnut begot Finnborg.

Upon the ascension of Osric as king of the wulfings, Tyrbrands son Jarlslief led an expedition to the west where he founded the land of Jarlsliefia. Finn had chosen to take charge of his family lands and took upon himself the yoke of a landholder and farmer. and Finnborg son of Harthacnut had begun to foment plans of jarldom just as his father had years before. Jarlslief had two sons of his own Halfdan and Harald, both horsemen and proud axemen. Finn would have his own son Finnrick, who early in life had taken up the role of Skald and storysinger. and Finnborg had three sons, eglac, Wulfgar, and Borg. All loyal to their father and none other.

Osrics brothers on the otherhand were Vollmund and Gustav. Vollmund was born with a thick coat of hair and was mistreated by many of his clansmen so he left and dwelt in the wooded wilderness. he eventually found love with a woman mystic and bore two sons, Swen and Ollie, also both born with a coat of hair. as travelers began reporting tales of a great bear attacking the unwary in the woods king Osric went with a band of his carls and berserkers to kill the fell beast. many brave warriors fell that day, but in the sunrise of the morning after the it had been killed the bear became Vollmund, Osrics brother. in his grief he cut Vollmunds heart out and ate it.

Unbeknownst to him vollmunds wife had lain a curse upon the Osric in her rage. Osric had had no children up til then, and lain with his wife to try and ease the pain of his kinslaying. months later his wife had given him a son. and while they were celebrating the joyous occasion Finnborg and a large band of warriors dissatisfied with Osric ‘Kinslayer’ had laid siege ti his castle and slew the king and his wife and newborn child. Finnborg now sat upon the throne of Thorwulf.

Meanwhile Ollie ‘Bear-Foot’ and Sven ‘Wolf-Breath’ had both left the kingdom. Sven had claimed a small jarldom to the west and Ollie lived as a hermit in the wilds. And Gustav not wanting to rouse the anger of the new popular king swore an oath of fealty to king Finnborg to protect his sons Halfgar, Granwulf, Bjorn and Hjarldan. though he had sworn fealty Gustav had raised all of his sons to learn the ways of the world and gain power fame and fortune in hopes to someday take the throne back to the line of Thorbard.

As his sons grew into men, Halfgar found himself in a dispute with Eglac the eldest son of Finnborg and steel was drawn and Eglacs blood fed the earth. though the duel was legal, the heir apparent lay dead so Halfgar was banished by the elders. so he and his brother Granwulf fled in exile to the Empire of the Celestines far to the south where they served as gaurds for the great king, vicar for the mistress Celestia. then a friend of the new heir wulfgar, and loyal carl to finnborg named Orr ‘the whelp’ savaged the daughter of Gustav named gudrun. he refused to pay the weregild for his crime and was slaughtered by Thrand Silkbeard, the family friend she was betrothed to. the tale of the Bjornings begins at the Thing where the dispute over the purity of a nobles daughter and the life of a sniveling cowardly cur would forever change the world of the Skyldings.



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The Saga of the Bjornings

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