The Saga of the Bjornings

Into White Plume Mountain

Next Day

(second day of heriosm)

The mountain is small, 800’ above surrounding land, constant plume of white smoke from its cauldera, and sprays hot water as well.
Fortunately, the entrance is not up that high. The Lady leads us several hundred feat up to a hole in the side of the Mt., steps leading down. Lady says every time she got w/in a couple hundred feat or so, that dragon stopped her.
We descend a spiral stairscase down. Air is humid, torches and such give off lots of smoke. Its very damp, floor here covered in 1’ water. Lots of algae and fungus. Very slippery layer of scum all about the place.
Difficult to run, charge, sneak, but tracking vary easy.

We follow the hall to a split 3 other ways NE, N, NW.
Approaching the intersection, a Gynoshpinx stops us at the intersection.
It demands we answer its riddle.
Answer is the moon, we get it easy.
“All right then, off you go.” A previously unsees wall of force is dispelled ahead.
“Beware this is the first of several tests to face while here, and I am the least powerful of all.”
Sigrid “We are warned.”

Bjorn leads us NW. The hall turns west. Lady stops us at the turn, there’s is a pit right in front of us under the water.
We turn around, go outside and cut a tree down long enough to span the 10’ length.
Across we go.
Going down a long hall, there are copper looking metal discs on the walls.
Walking into the room, we start feeling warm and uncomfortable.
Finnrik, w/o armor, walks further than the rest now. He makes it to a room. Stairs go up, and it stinks in here, very bad. Like death but no bodies.
Lady and Uhto join him, and Clyde. Then Gunnar.
Bjorn “Look for a way to shut it off!”
The thieves search. Finnrik watches the steps with Clyde. Liz goes behind a decorative curtain on the wall. There is a hideous growl and ghouls poor into the room as she backs off fast. We can see a room beyond now where they came from. They block our escape to the rest of the group. The stench now sickens all of us but Gunnar.
Anar says he will send a wave of cold down the hall, giving us a chance vs the heat if we want to charge down.
Clyde draws his blade which gleams stunningly, sparkling more like. It cuts the arm off of one of the ghouls as Lady attacks another.
The ghouls attack. Uhto is paralyzed.
Finnrik attacks the ghast on him.
SIgrid comes screaming into the room, plowing into the first ghoul shield first. It is sent flying into the next ghoul, who is plowed into the ghast. All 3 hit the floor.
Bjorn comes next down the hall full speed and into the room. Then hurls all over the ghoul to his right.
Bonnie kills that one; Clyde kills one of the prone.
They stand and attack, but Bjorn and Gunnar finish the last off.

Bonnei finds the lever now, and it turns off the heat plates.

We go up to a platform to a single door into a room. Dry floors up here.
A long hall like room goes west/our right some 90’ to door at the end. Bjorn steps in first and slips, sliding into the wall on the other side but still standing, bracing himself against the wall. There is absolutely no friction in here.
There are 2 pits in the room, each 5’ wide and bisecting the long room wall to wall.

Anar and Finnrik slide over to Bjorn, using a rope to hold with each other. Anar teleports us to the door.
Bonnei grabs the sides of her cloak and transforms into a bat, flying to the door as well.
Anar now sees that the far end wall is illusory, and its rocky pumice! Kaelen disarms a trap and unlocks the door. She then flies over, sets this side of the rope in the pumice securely and glides it back to our men. She then flies back over.
Uhto almost falls into the first pit but makes it across.
Meanwhile Kaelen searches the pumice area but finds nothing, but that the pumice has tiny sparkles in it, a rare metallic mineral deposit, she thinks mythril content!! Uhto will be telling the dwarves about this.

Bjorn and Finnrik with Anar go through the door into a corridor to a T section. There is a door both directions. We wait for the others then. Bjorn takes left ending at the door. Kaelen hears water from the other side of the door and a roaring of lions.
The room is a large inverted pyramid, levels descending into a central bottom area, the levels alternate water tank and dry. Just below us are giant lobsters, then giant scorpions, then monsterous lion seals, then 3 manticores with their wings clipped at the central bottom. We recall the manticores from previously were clipped just the same.
Each level is blocked by glass on the inner side. There is one door on the bottom with the manticores.

We draw the lobsters away from the entrance, once they are away, Kolfrosta comes in and goes to the other side. She drops into the water slowly. She gets at the top and easily shatters the glass. She is pushed through so strongly that it launches her over the scorpion level and into the lion seal water. The side she broke breaks into a 20’ gap in moments. The lobsters are pulled with the current. 3 are rushed out the break. The other 3 are pulled away from us but come to rest. They start walking back toward us.
We jump down and Finnrik bashes the glass open with his waraxe. The scorpions are drowning.
Finnrik leaps into the water, spear ready, to battle sea lions. Stelio follows with a spear as well.
Uhto, Gunnar, Rolf go after lobsters on the now dry level. Bjorn leaps into the water as well with the sea lions. Sigrid stays with the dry lobsters.
Thrand leaps into the water.

The other lobsters are going after the drowning scorpions!

We all go right over into the sea lion chamber.
The water has spilled about calf deep into the central bottom. 4 sea lions to go around. 2 are on Kolfrosta already. Kaelan has flown over to Kolfrasta and drops into the water, 2 short swords drawn. The other 2 come for the rest of us. We make shorter work of them than the others made of the scorpions.
After she Frosta kill one, Kolfrosta is torn up and KO’d underwater.
Clyde leaps in and pulls out Frosta. Kaelen than kills it.
Kaelen gets out and makes the first aid check.

Thrand, Bjorn, Finnrik, Sigrid, Rolf and Stelio drop over the edge in a lie to the bottom, forming an overlapping shield line to protect themselves from the manticore darts as they start firing.
One dart gets through then we unleash hell.
They attempt to pounce on Bjorn, Finnrik and Rolf. Bjorn and Finnrik expertly evade, but Rolf is pinned underneath his and bites down on him, his armor saving him.
That is the last one left, the other 2 taken down easily now. It lays into Rolf badly, biting, clawing, shooting, and again his armor saves his life!
Sigrid then slays it.

The door here has a lock on it, the hole in the shape of a K. Kaelen picks it and opens the door to a hall which ends in a door. No lock visible so Bjorn opens it. The room is 50’ x30’ and luxurious. Lots of rugs, cushions, tapestries, a 6’ hooka! Sumptuous bed or couch, which Rolf calls a devaun. Whatever.
Organized in piles are lots of coins, 4 jewelry; on a desk is a potion, piece of paper unrolled and tacked down; hanging on a wall is a suit of chain. Sitting at the desk is a rough looking halfling scribing, copying the scroll.
“Rescue! Good god its been so long!”
His name is Himmel, captured a long time ago via losing a bet. Master Keraptis and his hideous gnomes came through his area. He stood against them though knew he could not defeat so many. So he made a bet insteat that he could perform certain feats better than the champion gnome “Oddly enough, I failed”. He has been here for however long ago K disappeared. He should be dead, but there is a permanence of unaging on this room.
Kaelen tells him exactly how many years its been. He has been scribing and scribing and feels like he has finally mastered the art of scribing a magic scroll, though he is not a magic user.
He was a very agile fighter, though no slouch in str either.
He really wants to leave. We are worried he’s going to age immediately, but he’d rather that than be stuck in here any longer.
We take all the loot:
all minted in old days of the Masters, kingdoms that do not exits but not ancient.
Potion of healing
Scroll of prot vs evil x2 (one that he just finished, he’s pretty sure it will work)
Chain Mail of Fortification +3 heavy fortification
Hooka: 6’ tall, 10 lbs, crystal not glass, gem studded

He has 2 rings of his own he keeps.
Last time he saw a gnome was, he guesses only, at least 20 years. About 10 ago, some guy shows up. Describing him its Bluto!! He originally promised to help him get out, but DIDN"T. Gave Bluto his most prized possession, but he just took it and locked him in anyway. It was a powerful blade, a longsword called blackrazor. He would love to help us if he lives leaving the room.
He offers us to smoke, but we hold off until after our victory.
Bjorn dons the magic chain. Himmel says it is a legendary suit, made for a First in the south named Arius Flusilla Bacato; it was called Arius’s Castle. It is something that some will know of when they see it.

We leave to find Bluto. He knows where he was staying 10 years ago so takes us there.
Himmel does not age to death instantly. We go to the T section and take the right, leading to a circular creek that he says goes to his room. There is also a secret passage in the hall that Anar missed that leads to it.
Bjorn decides on the secret hallway. Himmel opens it with a K symbol of some sort.
The hall goes 60’ then turns north for 80’ to a door. The room that should hold Bluto and men is on the other side of this door. He puts the K to the door and the door vanishes as the secret door did. At the door is Bjorn and Finnrik, followed by Thrand and Gunnar, Stelio/Rolf, Uhto/Anar, Bonnae/Clyde, Kolfrosta/SIgrid guarding the rear. Sigrid is not happy at all with this situation.
We see the stream running through it, floating in the air magically!
The room is set up with beds, tables, etc. Crimson Path stuff all over the walls, huge pic of the Blood Angel in true form. Like a mini temlpe for them. There is a blood stained altar here also. Kaelen was expecting this.
In here is Bluto lounging in a large chair in the NW corner, blackrazor nearby. Plus 8 (2 in full plate tween us and Bluto; one who look like Gunnar in equip by the central altar; one next to the high priest on the other side of the fireplace from Bluto; one with great axe by the altar; another savage looking with a few spear; MaA holding the chain of Brynnhalf; 1 others at at able eating to the right of our entry) a blood cult high priest, and the ambassador to the Frost Giants near Bluto!!! Bluto is berating somebody when we interrupe, it’s his captured son, hands bound behind his back, collar with chain in a guards hand. “What are they giving you that I could not? I think they brainwashed you boy!” as we enter. They go quick for their weapons.
Also, a couple bodies completely drained of blood but not just recently.

Meanwhile, this morning, our backup group arrives and is greeted by the witch. Takes them to her hut. No big party for them, she wants them to make right for the Mt. She does give them the blessings of the marsh which equals a bless spell. Lasts a week as well.
They make their way to the Mt. She tells them how to get in from what Kaelen told her. They hear the sounds of little feet, and are attacked by a force of gnomes coming from the Mt. entrance.
This is happening as the fight vs Bluto is waging.

Bluto fight:
The priest perks his ears up “Lord, intruders!”
Gunnar moves straight in, jumping atop the first table; Thrand follows the near wall straight, moving for the 2 closest to Bluto. Bjorn does the same but on the other side of Gunnar’s table; Rolf and Stelio move just into the room, Rolf moving to the 2 eating; Uhto gets to the door; Anar moves in with Rolf; Finnrik moves just past the eaters for the spearcarrier; Sigrid runs up to the doorway as well, ready to move in once Bjorn isn’t looking. Bonnae and Clyde stay just behind her, Kolfrost watching the rear.
The axeman at the altar moves to block Bjorn and attacks. Bluto then gives Brynnjalf a kick to the side of the head “We’ll talk about this later boy, once I destroy your friends” while grabbing Blackrazor and a shield, and moves up with his pair of guards who are armigers.
STelio moves to the eater.
Bjorn battles the axemaster.
The man standing with the priest is an executionar.
Gunnar throws at one of the armigers, hitting twice. Their axe hurler at the altar throws as Gunnar.
Sigrid moves in behind Bjorn.
The ogre mage head in Finnrik’s sack is yelling help me suddenly.
Himmel turns into Quesnef, an Ogre Mage!! Right next to Kolfrosta. Apparently, the patriarch of the ones we killed at the Rift. Kolfrosta is not happy with SIgrid right now.
Uhto steps into the room and moves around the corner.,
Kaelen yells to everyone else about the Ogre Mage as Kolfrost attacks it. Kaelen hits it with a handxbow bolt, the poison sapping it of 5 str!
Anar fails to cast, and the altar shimmers with a red hue momentarily.
Thrand “No magic, this will take steel!”
The spearman moves in on Finnrik, Finnrik yelling “These spears are mine!” as the enemy deftly rolling behind him but fails to trip him.
The eater taker stands, grabbing his blade, and defends himself vs Stelio.
The chain holder pulls Brynnhalf over by the chain and holds him tight in a headlock.
The priest begins to chant.
The exectutioner wraps himself in his cloak,and he becomes as if cloaked in shadow, dimming in our vision.
Gunnar is able to spot him moving forward at the head of the eaters table and points him out.
Bjorn yells for Finnik to go the the priest.
Thrand charges straight forward to the armigers and runs him through crit 37!
Rolf attacks the spearman’s rear crit!
Both armigers attack Thrand, both heavy maces.
Finnrik spots the exectioner! He leaps upon the spearman’s table, runs across it an leaps upon the fiend 21!
The ambassador joins in on the attack on Thrand.
The axe master disarms Bjorn’s blade! Then misses.

Bluto hails “Blackrazor, Speed me!” Then moves forward, leaping onto the eaters table next to Bjorn.
Gunnar targest their axe thrower now, and hops off the table out of the axe master’s reach, than throws at his new target but hits only once.
Bjorn picks up his magic blade and hits the axemaster. SIgrid hops up on the table Gunnar just vacated and attacks the axe master from high ground but misses.

Quesnef steps back and sends a cone of cold over Frosta, Bonnae and Clyde. They all make the save for half.
Their axehurler hits Gunnar once.
Clyde, Kaelen and Kolfrosta go after Quesnef, Kaelen getting in flanking position and sneak attacking.
Uhto move back out into the hallway and fires his xbow at Quesnef.
Anar joins Rolf vs the spearman, taking Anar down in one stab! Then turns to Rolf.
Finnrik feels something odd, his blood wanting to ooze out of his pours but holds it back. Its the priest’s spell.
The MaA with Brynnhalf knocks the boy out.
Bluto leaps unnaturally back after hitting Bjorn, landing beside the alter.
Bjorn and Sigrid cut down the axe master. Bjorn then steps forward and misses the executioner.
Gunnar now takes aim at Bluto, who stands between he and the axe hurler, slamming him badly once/miss/hit.
Their axe hurler “You throw at my king, I throw at yours” and hits Bjorn once.
Quesnef is in his death throws already. He speaks an arcane word as he hits Frosta. Bjorn’s armor begins to constrict upon him. However, his blades SR stops it!
Kaelen realizes what Bjorn is wearin is not the Castel, it’s his Folley, an identical but cursed version of the real armor!!
Frosta then hits Quesnef DEAD!
Kaelen begins to set him afire.
Uhto misses the executioner.
Spearmen cuts Rolf down!! Then flips his spear and stabs Stelio in the back, flanking with the eating MaA.
The eater hits Stelio twice and he goes down!!
All the blood has been running through lines in the floor toward the altar, now illuminated.
Priest "You’ve met your end, Ulfhedinn! Whatever he tried to do with the altar’s power fails miserably. He is visibly upset.
The MaA at Brynnhalf charges Bjorn and hits.
The executioner tumbles behind Finnrik, but Finnrik AoO is quicker and Crits DEAD!!
Thrand hits one of the armiger again then misses.
They miss Thrand completely.
Finnrik steps up vs the MaA who just dropped Stelio DEAD as he was about to coup de gras stelio.
The ambassador withdraws from Thrand to Bjorn.
Bluto springs back upon the same table again, and attacks Bjorn hitting once.
Bjorn crits 43/miss. He grabs the poor MaA next to him (who ko’d Brynnhalf), and Bjorn’s attack hits him instead!
Gunnar uses his great throwing axe on the same MaA 26 DEAD, then hits the ambassador twice as well. He’s out of axes now.
Sigrid leaps over the ambassador to flank with Bjorn and hits once.
The axehurler is also out of axes too, he’s picking up a few of Gunnar’s.
Uhto misses the spearman.
The myrmidon spearman moves to Finnrik and attacks but misses!
The priest offers a chant to some god, raising his hands upward. The blood spilled in the battle begins to flow toward and into the myrmidon.
Thrand kills the first armiger, then cleaves and crits the other!
He misses Thrand twice.
FInnrik hits the myrmidan twice and bites him as well.
The ambassador hits Sigrid.

Bluto hits Bjorn 17/miss. Then strides back away, next to Sigrid.
Sigrid misses the ambassador.
Gunnar is grabbing axes.
Bjorn hits the ambassador, but he pulls the armiger in front of him instead who is hit, then hits him again.
Their axe hurler ducks behind the altar, out of sight.
Uhto hits the ambassador with xbow.
The spearman misses Finnrik twice.
The priest casts on Thrand. The dead begin to turn pale, their blood being sucked out and to the altar.
He reaches into a groove on the floor nextr to him, pulls up a handful of blood, and begins drawing a square on the wall.
Thrand hits the ambassador DEAD, them moves toward the priest.
The last armiger hits Bjorn 18/miss.
Finnrik hits myrmidon spearman twice DEAD.

Rolf, not fully ko’d, lays hands on Anar and just in time saves his life.
Brynnhalf stands up and grabs his sword lying next to Bluto’s chair.

Bluto misses Sigrid. Then leaps over to the priest.
Bjorn runs moves around the altar ending up next to Bluto, the armigers AoO missing.
SIgrid crits the armiger.
Gunnar moves toward the priest, standing at the altar’s corner.
Thrand spots the axe hurler having snuck around the altar flat on the floor, through the carnage of bodies just before he stands up and runs to the door where Uhto stands and hits him 10. He sees the ogre mage on fire and Bonnae reaching the door with Clyde.
Uhto draws his axe and hits him.
The priest finishes, and the wall in the square becomes a sheet of blood.
Thrand misses Bluto.
The armiger hits SIgrid twice.

Finnrik rushes forward, locking the priest in a grapple. Bluto springs through the portal telling the priest “I hope they’re forgiving, I’ll be with the wizard” with a smile on his face, right past Finnrik and the priest, who screams in surprise as the portal closes.
Sigrid hits the armiger DEAD!
Bjorn strikes at the priest in the grapple 31 DEAD!! “That’s for making a blood portral!”
Gunnar moves and throws 1 axe at their axe hurler 16.
Being a fanatical blood cultist, he refuses to give up. He steps back and throws his 2 axes at Gunnar 9/miss.
Uhto axes him in the back 10.
He hails the greatness of the blood angel, how it will rule the world and all.
Kaelen “I’ve been hearing that from your kind for 60 years.”
Gunnar hurls one mighty throw at him 36 DOWN.

We watch and make sure he bleeds to death.

Considering Bluto’s remark, he must be in there somewhere if he’s with the wizard. We figure that’s Keraptis. He must still be here.

10 blood amulets
mst breastplate
mst hvy steel sh
mst longsword
2 suits full plate
2 hvy steel sh
2 maces
6 suits chain
mst greataxe (plus 1 crit range)
6 light weight throwing axes (plus 10’ range increment)
1d10 spear, aka corseque
3 spears

The scrolls the halfling gave us are actually just the opposite,now that Kaelen looks at them closer. We throw them on the Quesnef pyre. The ring he kept is a ring of mirror images (5 chg).

Outside with B Team:

Walking up the path at a stretch about 60’ wide, but strewn with rocks of varying size. From ahead, the gnomes come into view. Arrows greet us first, falling far short. We hear gnomes whooping while a second volley comes in. They are riding boars.
Koku yells :Yeaaaaa!! Featst of roast boar tonight!!"
Some 20 riders in all.
Brand “There’s even enough for Toru.”
Gnomes “By the symbol, by the staff, by the 3 holy artifacts! Blood for Keraptis!”
Behind them now, we see a phalanx of 40 infantry with spear. All wearing the big K blazoned on their leather breastplates within a circle.
Koku thinks to himself ‘what I wouldn’t give for the whole pack’.
Brand and Papa, on our left, position ahead to use cleave and combat reflexes to best effect. The rest of us ready.
Toru is licking his chops to our rear, behind cover, and assesses boar.
They are going so fast on their hooved feat, they swing while flying past our line, AoO are plentiful.
Toru then sees, to his left and behind him coming out of the woodline an organized square of gnomes wielding only axes reciting an arcane sounding warchant. Koku is drooling at the possibilities when he looks behind him quickly.
The phanlanx ahead is 40 men!
Fliggol turns and charges the rear axemen, killing one and knocking him into the one behind it, knocking him prone. Then cleaves another down. Toru turns and fires 2 shots.
Once any riders are dead, the boars like any mount retreat into the woodline.
We make mince meat of their riders. Fliggol and Toru drop the whole first line of axemen.
A gnome in robes steps out head, conjuring a ball of flame, which he sends straight to the middle of our line exploding in a great conflagration. The boars go down, leaving more for us to eat later!!! The cpt’s dire boar even goes down. Other than Toru and Fliggol, only Brand escapes who just moved forward to meet their phalanx.
The axemen use a group tactic attack, in unison, on Fliggol and Toru doing good damage to each.
The phalanx moves forward slowly in formation, anti missile shiled barrier in use, but not quite reaching Brand.
Then, from behind opposite the axemen entry, a horde of 20 swordsmen charge out of the treeline reaching Ulf.
Koku charges the new swordsmen, joining Ulf and Hakon fighting them. Rags goes back to assist Toru. Gurk moves behind a boulder to Brand’s left to face the phalanx. Fliggol is really laying into the axemen.
Tosten charges straight ahead, going tween Brand and Gurk, hitting the phalanx full on. He overruns the middle of their front rank.
The caster hits Dopey with a magic missile.
Brand and Gurk then follow him in; Koku, Ulf and Hakon cut through the swordsmen like lard. Ulf passes out while cutting down the swordsmen leader as Koku cleaves down about half a dozen before no more are in reach.
Tosten is like a wrecking ball in the phalanx’s midst, slaughtering 8 of them.
Dopey makes a charging tumble to the casters rear and hits him. The caster turns, steps back, and fires another arcane missile on Dopey.
One of the swordsmen puts his blade into the ko’d ulf! The rest of the swordsmen and all the exemen flee the battle. Fliggol takes down one more as they do, Hakon two.
The phalanx follow suit, but several are cut down by Brand and Tosten.
Dopey then masterfully bluffs and slays the caster. Koku and Hakon cut down the one stabbing Ulf. The archers all fled a couple rounds ago.
Toru rushes over and gives Ulf first aid.
We rest, and gather the boars for the feast later. The wizard had a handfull of scrolls with a K symbol at the top. No special equipment nor treasure. Lots of chain shirts and blades of avg quality to melt down later, though.
Into the mountain we go soon as Ulf is awake. We hear noise down a tunnel to the left. We prepare for a fight when Bjorn and company come walking into our light.
Tosten greets Lady Bonnae and Sir Clyde happily! They have adventured together before, and have a brief catch up talk.
We are all happy about the boar dinner later tonight.

We now have N or NE as an option. Bjorn says straight north, so N it is. Bonnae takes the point with Clyde, ahead to disarm and unlock.
The 4 pc’s plus Anar and Stelio follow behind. Everyone else stays back at the first gynosphinx intersection to wait for word from us. Tosten goes outside soon after Bjorn et al leave, taking Fliggol, Ulf, Toru and Hakon with thim. They start gutting and preparing the boars for spits.

First is a niche to a pool. At the bottom is a wheel to a valve that Bonnae says probably flushes the water out. She volunteers to but Bjorn sends Finnrik instead, Bjorn joining him. They turn it no problem and indeed the water drains out. A secret door is there, ladder going down.
It goes down 60’. Darkness at the bottom.
Bjorn calls the rest of the group up to here. Bonnae is sent down with Clyde, Dopey, Uhto; Koku and Rags ready to back them up with force if necessary, while Bjorn continues forward.
The ladder leads to a darkness spelled area, past that, into a vast chamber. Big torture chamber! A number of gnomes are tied to desks in the process of reading scrolls. One seated at the far end looks a bit mutilated and acts erratic, perhaps insane. Also has a bunch of scrolls laid out in front of him.
Upon seeing us they say “Greetings, yes, read the scolls, read some” in unison but for the mutilated one.
Bonnae thinks they are all mentally whammied by Keraptis. Via scrolls it looks like. They all have the K symbol.
The lone one yells “Hey, hey you! Help me out! Free me, get me out of here!” Says they are torturing them all “I’m not like the others!”
Bonnae “Probably a spy trying to get in our midst.”
“If you kill me, I’ll help you kill this false Keraptis.”
Bonnae “Who are you?”
Struggling in his ropes “I am called Gnintghil.” A wizard, he says.
Bonnae “Is your last name Lufetaf?” It is. She’s heard the name, and he’s a bit off his rocker from what she’s heard. He says the gnomes here were all part of his tribe, here that were loyal to Keraptis. The new K has been capturing and converting the gnomes arcane skilled from outside he could find, using them to get control of their tribe. He confirms its the scrolls that turn one into a mindless drone. This is the indoctrination center. Each other one here is one already, each from a different tribe. 12 here now total.
Only 1 tribe lives here, the one who lived here already. Most of their warr’s recently left to try to stop interlopers from coming up the mountain.
Koku “What do you think Ragnar?”
He then says he knows K’s weakness. For one, he’s hideous. Like a mutant. Can’t speak for a damn either, chirps and whistles every damn word.
Bonnae “Sounds like a mongrelman to me.” She’ll explains that to the northmen.
K’s weakness is to take away his strength which is a staff, very powerful. It’s usually close to him. The only way to get to him w/o his knowledge: the 3 artifacts make you invisible to K’s scrying. Anyone bearing one is blocked in this way. All 3 together create a zone of non detection about 100’ around.
Last he heard prior to being brought down here, a room to the north is a giant crab lair. It guards the trident Wave. The second is accessible by 2 paths: one dangerous the other secret. Only K knows the secret path. Welm is wielded by K’s chief warlord from decades ago is now a vampire named Katenmir. The way K wants you to go is via a room of lava and gysers, across platform discs suspended by chains.
Lady Bonnae volunteers to search for the secret way to Welm and the vampire.
Ragnar frees Gnintghil. Koku and Dopey slays all the drones in the making, lost causes. The whole while they do nothing but tell us how great reading the scrolls is.
Gninthgil can help guide Kaelen around Kaelen free. Bjorn sends Uhto with them.
Dopey stays with us.

Bjorn has moved forward, but Bonnae gets word to him via Sigrid running forward to deliver the details. She then returns to the rest of the group.
They walk into another room with lots of water, a deep pool within. No giant crab.
We cross it and go up steps to 2 doors. One straight, the other to the right.
A voice emites from a small hole in the wall, female, “stop where you are. Who are you and what do you want?”
Bjorn states we are here to conquer. The voice replies for us to stay where we are. A minute or so later the door in the hall here opens. A man and a women walk into the hall. Snarla and her friend Burkett. They are servants of the real true Keraptis, not this imposter. They have been imbued by their master with certain gifts and talents. They are both Firsts as well. They work here though the K is false, but this scum Bluto has usurped their position to the false K, what they and Katenmire were to the first K. Their offer is for us to defeat false K to make sure the 3 holy artifacts do not remain in his hands. Even the gnomes, descended from true K’s chosen ones, can’t be near these artifacts. Some of the leaders have already had ideas to lay claim to them. Snarla says K is in his lair. Go into the Giant Crab chamber straight ahead. The pool there is heated by hot rock deep below and is fed by an underground stream. Through the doors is a ledge but it is all submerged. A tunnel goes from the door to a bubble room further out onto the ledge. The crab lives there, Welm is there too.
Snarla and Burkett say they will help vs Bluto and the false K, but the crab is all on us.
They say the vampire is loyal to the now K. The imprint powers from teh K scrolls have sway over him, as they are part of the true K’s power.
We move forward and into the tunnel, the crab does indeed await us at the end.
There is treasure here, within which Wave lies. A large band is wrapped around one of the giant crab’s claw arms.
Anar Haste spells Thrand and Bjorn. Thrand charges in, provoking the AoO with his higher defense hoping for a miss.
Bjorn and Finnrik then follow suit.
The AoO hits Thrand anyway and it grabs him in a claw, squeezing. Gunnar hits with a throw and Finnrik with a spear before he moves in.
It lobs Thrand to its side 15’ but he lands fairly well. It then hits Bjorn and Finnrik, grappling Bjorn only and squeezing.
Finnrik now with his waraxe attacks.
We bring it down with a huge dedicated blow crit from Thrand and a hit from Stelio.
Whatever the ring was to it, its worthles copper to us.

Wave the Trident
20 gems: 2x 1000, 5000, 17 others totalling 3935
gold ring 500gp
stone, with lines of color through it, with gold band around it connected to a chain. Anar says its a Luck Stone. 1 time only, you can use a luck stone in a catastrophic time to change their luck for another roll, but it is destroyed. Anyone in the encounter, not just the owner of the stone.

We meet back with the party. We are resting for the night at this point. Toru already has the boar cut up and cooking.
Bonnae has already found the alternate route. A tube off a secret chamber in teh indoctrination chamber goes right to his lair. Long, narrow and dark. Can’t really be done in armor, unfortunately.
Bonnae and Tosten to a lot of catching up, Tosten much older than last time they met. She is also a First.

Snarla says that all we have left in this complex is K with Bluto and the vamp. K has a group with him as well: couple of Efreeti, gnome champion or 2 are his bodyguard. She knows exactly where Bluto and K are staying as well.

Next Day

Bjorn says we go for the vampire first via the secret passage route.
Toru is having a hard time getting going this morning, ate too much boar too late into the night.

The idea is raised of Anar making 2 trips, blipping 4 people total over the lava, so as to come from 2 directions. With him go Pappy, Bjorn himself, Koku, and Rolf. Lady Bonnae transforms into a bat and hangs on Anar’s belt.

Up tunnel, sans armorm climbs Finnrikr and Thrand (borrowing his brother’s flame tongue). Stelio must come also, to witness. Uhto goes as well, in case the trapdoor at the top needs picked.

Brand “Good luck, brother.”

We don’t really know the distances accurately. So, Sigrid, so she feels involved, follows the lava group to the lava room. When they blip across, she runs back to tell the others to start climbing. The lava group waits about the time it takes Sigrid to get back then continues on.

Kaelen has to pick the lock on the door off the patform. The hall of black stone goes 50’ to a big stone slab of a door, like that into a tomb. This is also locked. She finds a trap first, no ordinary trap, its a magical ward. Bjorn dispels it with his blade!
Bonnae “Impressive blade.”

Uhto gets to the top of the tunnel, which is locked.
“I’m not as good as that human girl, mind you.” He starts to pick, and succeeds. Oil drops down onto us as the hatch opens, slicking the tunnel behind him. “My work here is done” and he slides past us.
It now takes climb checks to get up. All 3 succeed. No light visible ahead.
We proceed slowly, its getting quite cold. Colder than a volcano should be. Full of the negativity Bonnae and Rolf spoke of.
Soon, Finnrik reaches the opening. For an instant, is an instant flash of light. For that instant a man is visible, but the spark hits the oil and it lights. for some damage.
As the flame ignites Finnrik lunges upward as quick as he can, striking with the Odin Spear before the vamp can react again and hits!
Finnrick then begins singing. Thrand does the same and hits also. He is then hit once by the vamp’s hammer.
Stelio lights a torch to give us light and climbs up. Unfortunately, its magical darkness.

Thrand feels multiple hands grasping at him trying to pull him to the ground. He is pulled to the ground, he estimates 4 of them. Definitely female.
Thrand hits one of the creatures, it releases a terrible scream DEAD. 2 less hands upon him now!
The vamp hits Finnrick twice more with a warhammer.
Thrand yells to Stelio to dive right over top of me! In the dark, he slams into one of the things on Thrand, now grappling with it himself.
Thrand successfully resists one, but then fangs bite into his neck! He loses 2 constitution damage!
Stelio cries in alarm at being thrown to the ground. Finnrik improves his song and gains tokens.
Thrand throws the biter off of him, misses the other in the dark.
Finnrik is hit twice again and hard.

Stelio hits his vamp spawn.
A flash of light at the door as we hear the door open.
Thrand “Its magical darkness, Bjorn! Dispel it!!”
Finnrik “Its the main vampire and some spawn!”
Bjorn’s blade fails to dispel it, but Bonnae with a scroll dispels it. She moves by the opposite side of the coffin in the middle of the room from Finnrik and Vamp. The torch has been extinguished. Anar’s light now brightens the room. Now we can see!!
Koku “Finnrik!” rushes into the room, across the coffin , and hits the Vampire master from atop it.
Rolf enters the room now, his blade begins to glow with a blue light. It bursts into flame as he crosses the threshold. He goes for the same one and hits as well DEAD! Bursting with flame. He cleaves Thrand’s grappler who was biting him DEAD!
Tosten attacks the vamp spawn vs Stelio and hits
Finnrik hits Ketenmir twice. Thrand hits the last of the spawn twice.

Ketenmyr raises the hammer, and striked the ground with it. The room quakes as if an earthquake had struck. Tosten and Stelio and Bonnae are stunned.

The last spawn hits Thrand, he takes a neg level.

Thrand cuts her down DEAD! Bjorn moves around the coffin to attack position with Finnrik. Koku hits Ketenmyr twice! Finnrik hits once. Bjorn hits as well. Rolf moves in and hits as well.
The vamp hits Finnrik, grabs Rolf and bites him!
Rolf hits once, Frinnrik once, Bjorn hits once. Thrand misses twice.
Rolf hits him and he poofs into smoke, the hammer hits the ground with a deep thundering thud.
His mist floats through tiny cracks in the floor, not the coffin here.

After about a minute, the stunned come to.

Finnrik and Koku open the sarcophagus lid. An acid trap explodes.
Rolf and Kaelen permanently destroy the wives.
Ketenmyr’s personal loot is in here!

Gems and jewels and coins = 9000 gp

Back down with the rest of the group, the hammer gravitates strongly to Fliggol, so he gets to wield it. Legend says its the spawn of the hammer Ilmarinen/Thor wielded.

Thrand now wants to destroy all vampires in existence.

We rest up for a bit, even using some healing flagons and Anar’s healing capabilities.

To the final confrontation: the 4 PC’s, Fliggol now wielding Welm, Burkett, Bonnae, Rolf, Sigrid, Ragnar, Brand, and Papa.
Stelio is in reserve witnessing, with Gurk, Toru, Ilf, Hakon, Koku, and Anar.
Sir Clyde, Uhto, Dopey and Kolfrosta are staying out of this one.

Snarla leads the way via the indoctrination center to a secret hall which leads to False Keraptis’ private chambers.
Burkett “He’s a very dangerous being.”
Lady Bonnae thinks her lost friend may be the False K, somehow brain screwed if so.

Bonnae goes through the notes of this false K while we are resting. The K imprints on the scrolls are pieces of the real K’s essence. As you read them it adds layers of him into you. At first you don’t realize, then you desire so, then you cease to be yourself.
Once the final completion happens, you are unable to be saved. Prior to that, you can be saved by projecting it onto another. Must do so voluntarily.

Snarla gets us to the door. SInce wave and welm help to hide the area from his scrying, he should not be able to see us coming.
We get to ornate double doors. They are sturdy, but old, there is a gap at the crease that Kaelen peaks through. They are talking amongst themselves, and do not know we are here. In a chair far across the room, straight ahead at a huge book, Bonnae sees a short hunched figure holding a glowing staff shod in iron inscribed with all types of sigils..
We see who we expected in the room. Bluto is about 20’ straight in, a table on his far side. The table K sits at is just past that. Another table is to either side of Bluto and just behind him. A gnome stands at either side of the table ahead of him, an Efreet 10’ from each.
2 other Efreeti are in here as well, left and right of the door
Bonnae recognizes the False K as indeed her mongrelman friend Wolk.
Brynjalf is with us as well. He wants Bluto badly.
K is telling Bluto how Bluto’s blood god has failed him, that he could never have defeated the Master’s since one still remains (speaking of himself). K is asking Bluto to convert his worship to him for the greatest power he could ever dream. K says “I have reached my full potential, the world will tremble in fear!”
Bluto retorts “This is not the way of the deal we made” that they were to mutually help each others goals. The K sent the Malenko to help and “Fat good that did, he turned into a puddle of blood soup”.
“Malenko may have been my brother, but his shattered personalities are all utterly unsane. They are a lost cause and shall never achieve their potential.” Reiterates that Bluto should join him to achieve their goals but together and as one. That they must achieve their 2 lost weapons to regain their full power “We didn’t expect those upsarts to gain them.”
Bluto “My lord, I feel in my blood, my spawn is near.”
At that, we bust the balls into the room.

Bjorn “Bluto, I am here to finish what I began.”
They all gasp in shock!
Thrand and Fliggol cut left and right to Efreet. Sigrin leaps from one tale to the other vs the left gnome, Ragnar and Brand go past Bluto to the other gnome. Tosten rolls over the right tablet to the far Efreet on that side, Finnrik to the one on the left side. Gunnar moves in and starts taking aim at Sigrid’s gnome foe. Burkett stands next to Gunnar at the door. Bjorn and Brynnjalf charge Bluto. Bjorn hits 14, Brynnhalf for max. He has no other door out, no blood sorcerer to make a portal for him this time. It finally ends here.
Rolf moves into the room with Burkett. Stelio now stands behind them to witness.

Kaelen lands transforming onto the book in front of Wolk and grabs him, trying to snap him out of it. The book sends a chill through her entire body.
She yells reminders of escaping Langbay together decades ago, saving children, how Wold led them through the sewers saving them all.
Sigrid crits and hits her gnome. Bluto turns with is blade hastening him. He swings thrice at his son miss/hit/hit but almost minimum damage.
Sucking up damage for our leader, the young one has learned fast.
Nox hits Papa then fumbles!
Bjorn hits Bluto twice!
The other efreet attack, one almost taking FLiggol out with 2 hits including a crit. Rolf moves in to help and misses. Fliggol misses him too.
Ragnar misses the gnome; Poppa T misses Nox, the lead Efreet, twice.
K hits Bonnae with a 17 pt magic missile w/o any action; He then casts something using his staff. Kaelen is kocked away 10’. She lands on her feet.
Brand hits the gnome once.
Kaelen knows the staff as a a staff of the magi.
Burkett moves in and helps Brand with a long polearm.
Finnrik with Skrudtingr hits/misses/bites his efreet.

Kaelen leaps off the kocked over chair and clubs Wolk in the forehead with the sap.
Sigrid hits twice on the gnome.
Bluto kicks Brynnhalf back 5’ then hits Bjorn then misses. Brynnjalf moves back in and resumes his attack.
Thrand hits his efreet twice.
Nox recovers his fumble then hits Papa.
Gunnar throws at the gnome again twice DEAD.
Stelio can’t handle just watching any longer, rolls over the table to assist Papa next round vs Nox.
Bjorn misses Bluto twice, power attacking.
The other 3 efreets counterattack their opponents. Box misses Thrand twice; Cox hits Fliggol DOWN!! Then turns on Rolf and misses.
Finnrik is hit twice. Rolf lays hands on Fliggol using full power bringing him back up.
Brand is hit twice by the gnome. Ragnar and Brand both hit it. Pops misses Nox twice.
Keraptis is a bit woozy for a moment, hits Bonnae with another Mag Mis, then holds his hands up and a shimmer goes around him.
She is still yelling to him to come to his senses. He looks up “Their is no Wolk here, I am only Keraptis. I did well to shed that beastly intellect.”
She sees right into his eyes, and sees the slightest hint of Wolk behind them.
Finnrik hits twice and bites again.
Burkett still helping Thrand.
Kaelen grabs a scoop next to the fire, and dumps hot wood coals right in Keraptis’ face. It bounces off of the field.
Sigrid leaps down behind the other gnome and hits.
Bluto hits Bjorn 16 and hits Brynnhalf too. He crits Bluto! Then fumbles his second attack as it catches on Bluto’s armor on the way out.
Thrand his his efreet twice DEAD. Gunnar now targets Rolf and Fliggol’s Efreet miss.
Bjorn crits Bluto and cuts a small gap in the armor as well (sword’s magic) then hits again. His arm there falls to the floor separated from his body DEAD!!
Thus fell Bluto!!!!
Rolf hits and misses the efreet.
The Efreet remaining have waited to all go together. They 3 raise hands forward, beams come from each going right to Bjorn! Going through Rags/Brand/Finnrik/Rolf to get to him.
Bjorn is hit and effected by only 2.
Fliggol stands and hits the efreet 7.
The gnome misses Sigrid. Ragnar hits it; Stelio hits the efreet then Tosten crits!
Kaelen sees that there seems to be a slight internal struggle in Keraptis/Wolk’s mind. His eyes flare up a few seconds. He looks up at her “Miserable woman, have at you” the shimmer goes away and a stream of flame from his eyes misses her badly as he struggles within. Tapestries burn, a bookshelf lights up. By the fire place, a swirling black hole opens up.
Brand hits the gnome DEAD! Burket moves to help Rolf and Fliggol.
Finnrik hits the efreet twice and bites it.

Kaelen grabs the book and tosses it in the fire.
Thrand now charges to FInnrik, Brynnhalf to help Rolf et al. Gunnar hits the Rolf et al Efreet again DEAD.
Stelio misses then crits Nox.
Bjorn goes to help Tosten et al now but misses.
NIx “Nox, I’m out of here.” They begin turning into small balls of fire.
Poppa attack the ball on their side but misses, Rags runs to Thrand and Finnrik but misses.
Kaelen sees a huge sinister demon coming for the gate, fiery wielding a flaming whip.
SHe sees the mental battle more clearly for a second. One voice is K “MY book, my book!” Then Wolk “Kaelen, my friend!” The K voice “I will not be defeated so easily” and the book iteslf is screaming and howling in the fire!! As the Balor begins to step out of the gateway, Wolk cracks the staff into 2 pieces. It explodes terribly.
All the gateway mess in here, that’s what the efreet were doing as well, trying to gate out, messes everything up.
A ghost of some kind flies out of the body of wolk and into Nox’s fireball and it blips out with a wail. The Balor gate ruptures as he is halfway through, destroyed on the Prime Material.
Burkett leaps through the door toward Snarla who was casting, and both are surrounded by an entropic sphere, protecting them.
We have visions of feasting and fighting in a meadhall with heroes who have been dead for a long time, including Erik.
In the midst of wrestling and brawling, an older man breaks things up “If you’re just visiting, you gotta go.”
Valkyrie guide us out the door and we wake up surrounded by our entire army. Luckily, those of us who stayed back were in range of the effect.

We are far south with the rest of the expedition where they were awaiting us. They say we’ve been gone almost a month. When we were overdue, a group went looking for us. They found the Steading and talked to the orcs there. Found the trail to the Frost GIants, then backtracked to here. Some old woman living in a hut outside of the Mt.gave us all of your bodies which she had been caring for but not waking. They took us all back south, its been 2 days here when we began to stir last night. Sitting outise of the Mt they alse met up with an elf woman named Loriel and a dark shady guy going by name of Volcifar.
Kaelen has no visions of the festivities. Instead, they were interacting with Wolk who tells his tale: coupel years back they had found the Magi Staff. He had been studying it, the first of the imprints were in teh staff and it caught him off guard. Then we found the spellbook, which was also K’s. Every page was a constant barrage of Keraptis minor imprinting. He then felt the desire to study them, unknowingly becoming addicted. By the time we showed up, he was fully imprinted but only just before. Like 98% K. When teh book was burned, it shattered a primary hold on his psyche. Once the Balor came in and slaughtered all, K was going to disintigrate Kaelen. Wolk stopped that, and instead he still blew the place up. But, with the other gates open it warped everything.
Hence, here we all are.
Wolk is legitimately destroyed though. So when Kaelen and Clyde wake up, that’s the end of Wolk. He rests in the afterlife now. But they got one last goodbye at least.

Now, we voyage on after only a few more days rest.
The orcs have already built longships under the guidance of our men and go with us.
We land on the far end of the Sea of the Masters.
Bonnae will stay. She has business with Brazzamal, a monster we might want to destroy as well. SHe has a mole in the Fire Giant layer, that’s where Brazzamal lives.


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