Finnrik Finnson

Known as Finnric Spear-Mad. A man blessed twice by the Allfather, with Fury and Poetry.


Viking wolf coatsBerserker 10
Player: Mark
Str 21
Dex 10
Con 16
Int 14
Wis 14
Cha 20
Free Shield prof.
Traits: Prodigy (Warskald) ; Reaver (Sea Wolf; Waraxe proficiency)
Feats: Warsinger base 1, 3, 4; Cleave base 1, 3; Skill Focus: Perform; Mighty Throw (use str. mod. in place of dex.mod. for ranged attack rolls)
Berserk Abilities: Berserk Strength; Blind Fury; Overwhelming Charge; Furious Strike; Furious Throw; Berserk Mind
Berserker Proficiencies: Warspear (like simple 2 handed spear, but martial and one handed); shield bash; fire res 3 plus con mod


Name Type Origin Kills Special meaning
Faetlif hvy first touch of Odin kobaldx1; shadow aug x2; men x2; mantroll x2 spontaneous distance Give birth to life
Haugnyr hvy warrior killed w/ 1 throw from Fitlaf in Langbay square grave mound/close to
Blutnautr Spear Langbay armory Gibs x9 Bluto’s Gift
Blutnautrson the Elder spear Langbay armory 3 blood drop knights, Rymskyld lvl 4 mst (+1 crit mult.)
Blutnautrson the Middling short Langbay armory
Blutnautrson the Younger short Langbay armory
Hadan spear mantroll in Ulag’s complexm with Hadir
Hadir spear mantroll in Ulag’s complex, with Hadan
Hririr spear Mantroll in Ulag fight
Bloody Bodvarnyr the Vengeful spear mantroll prison guard the guard; mantrolls x21; dire boar; final blow vs Graka spontaneous orcbane Battle new
long x3 prison complex of Graka
short x5 prison complex of Graka
Skrudstingr/Skrudstingnidr spear x2 prison complex of Graka 1st=lvl 5 mst (-2 armor DR) mail stabber/mail stabber kin
Fliggafordr short mantroll at table before rescuing Fliggol Fliggolr/save
Hinn Graknautr(plural) 10 short battle vs Graka gifts of Graka
Isbloth (Ice Blood) long mantroll w/frost giant aiding Fliggol’s dwarves
long same as above
Spear battle Rymskyld
short battle Rymskyld
Langfang Longspear battle Rymskyld lvl3 mst. Long Fang
kullaborn 30 spears Hill Steading Hill born
10 short spears Hill Steading
2 spears Frost Giant Rift
3 spears White Plume

ofridir = war

Future names: Himlac


“His men went without their mailcoats and were as mad as hounds or wolves,
They bit their shields, and were strong as bears or bulls,
They slew men but neither fire nor iron had effect upon them.
This is called ‘to run berserk’(berserkgang)”
-Ynglinga Saga, Snorri Sturluson

“……you tasters of blood,
Those intrepid heroes, how are they treated,
Those who wade out into battle?
Wolf-skinned they are called. In battle
They bear bloody shields.
Red with blood are their spears when they come to fight.
They form a closed group.
The prince in his wisdom puts trust in such men
Who hack through enemy shields.”
-the Haraldsdvaedi, Thorbiorn Hornklofi

Finnric is the son of Finn, who was an adventuring companion, then advisor and personal skald for King Gustav, father to Bjorn. Finnric grew up in the court as the best friend of Bjorn, and showed at a young age a talent beyond his father’s in song and lay. Though a large and powerful man, he seemed destined to follow in his father’s footsteps until he was 15. When travelling with some men from their home, they were attacked and outnumbered by bandits. Soon enough Finnric was beaten back by 2 of the marauders and being overwhelmed. It was now that some of those present say a one-eyed wolf appeared as if from nowhere. It seemed none of the brigands even saw it as it passed, weaving through the chaos as if with a singular goal, and upon reaching Finnric became an old man with a single eye, touching him with Gungnir itself. Finnric became overtaken instantly with a godly rage they say, the berserkergang, and slew both men with a single blow. In the distance, a pack of wolves let loose a blood curdling howl of triumph.
As the party made its way to its destination over the next two days, wolves were seen by all present here and there, as if following them, annointing one of their own. Since this day he has embraced his calling as Ulfhedinn, a wolf berserker favored by Odin himself. A manslayer of spear and axe. He also has a compulsion concerning spears, a need to collect and horde them off those he has killed (his first two those from the pair of deserving bandits he slew).
Finnric is now the personal Ulfhedinn Huskarlar of his best friend.
His goals are thus: assemble his own pack of Ulfhednar to fight for Prince Bjorn in all his endeavors, accumulate a vast number of spears, spread respect and fear for Odin by slaying many an enemy, and spread the Bjornings fame through his words.

Finnrik Finnson

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