Kyy Twice-Born


Man at Arms 1
Str 15 (4th)
Dex 16
Con 14
Int 13
Wis 14
Cha 12
Traits: Faithful Friend; Sea Child (Fisherman: net exotic prof)
Feats: Axe mastery base 1; Shield Mastery base 1; Iron WIll; Exotic Wpn: net; Skill focus (fisherman); Axe mst EM 2; Armor mst, EM 2

Special: If he fill up on fresh animal blood prior to battle: for 1 hour he receives a +2 strength and his bonuses from Faithful Friend talent are doubled should they come into play.

Battle Axe
Chain shirt
Hvy Wood shield


trusted friend from our home village since young boys
skilled fisherman
good sneaker also
Had quite a string of bad luck verging on ineptitude from the beginning throughout the valley. Was put through a ritual trial by the Ulfhednar and has since recovered by the grace of Odin. He is an honorary ‘cousin’ of sorts to th Ulfhedinn, allowed to partake in some of their private gatherings.

Kyy Twice-Born

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