Modar Wolf-heart

the wild man of the woods


Berserk 5
Str 17 (4th)
Dex 12
Con 16
Int 12
Wis 12
Cha 14

Traits: Animal Affinity; Bloodthirsty
Feats: Cleave 1; Endurance; Armor mst 1; Imp. Trip base 2;

Berserk Abilities: Berserk Str; Overwhelming charge; Primal Howl; Furious Strike;
Proficiencies: long sword; throwing axe; shield


Modar was a lone wildman who lived with his daughter after his jarl and clan had been destroyed. both had a natural affinity for wolves. Modar came into posession of the wolf pelt that took over his mind. after losing the pelt he cleared up and ended up joining finnrics ulfhednar.

Met in the lost valley to the north, had been completely taken by the wolf pelt now worn by Finnric. Found him again, mine more intact, after Rymskyld.
An ulhedinn from a jarl who is long gone.
37 years old.
Now a member of Finnric’s pack.

Note: the painted miniature as the icon is not ours. I pulled this, uncredited, off of Google Plus. If its yours, feel free to let us know w/ proof, for credit gladly. Its top notch.

Modar Wolf-heart

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