Sigrid Bare Legs

Finnric's young sister


Man at Arms 5
Str 14
Dex 18
Con 13
Int 14
Wis 10
Cha 14

Lose Hvy Armor Prof = base speed 40’
Traits: Bloodthirsty; Arctic Born (Ice Water Veins)
Feats: Dodge 1; Shield Mst 1; Weapon Finesse 1; Wpn Focus 1, 2; Overwhelming Presence 1;

studded leather
hvy wood shield
throwing axe


Finnrik’s younger sister by 3 years, Sigrid is an impetuous, hot blooded ball of can and will do energy. She is always the first to volunteer for a mission, is visibly upset if not chosen, absolutely despises being left behind and will stew over it for days. It is best to keep her busy with tasks during down time as she gets bored easily and hence antsy and quick tempered.
A Shield Maiden, she first joined us for our voyage to Langbay in search of Bjorn’s brother and sister. This expedition was her first action and she was wired to get into battle. The first engagement of her life began with her unhorsing and immediate critical beheading of the enemy before her, a fitting introduction for us to her energy on the field.
She has a famous quirk for never being cold, especially her legs. Indeed, she never wears full pants. This earned Sigrid her nickname Bare Legs.
Ulf has taken a particular interest in those legs, speaking of her as Sigrid Sexy Legs, though never within her earshot.

Sigrid Bare Legs

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