Thrand Silkbeard

A man of law, debt, retribution and punishment


Dedicate 10
Player: Mark
Str 16
Dex 12
Con 18
Int 16
Wis 21
Cha 12
Traits: Reaver(Sea Wolf;+ 1 longsword); Vengeful.
Feats: Skill Focus(concentration); Cleave base 1; Iron Will; Skill Focux (Conc and lawyer); Combat Instincts 1, Wpn Focus (broadsword) 1, 2; Imp Crit (broadsword) 4
Dedicate Powers: Dedicated Defense; Dedicated Blow, Greater Timeless Dedication


Thrand is the third son of Thorir, a leading official of The Thing and Hersir to Gustav. They are from the fringe of the Gustav lands, and still revere Tyr, god of justice and war, bravest of the Aesir, above all others. The eldest son of the family died young, making Thrand second in line. He showed promise at his father’s side at The Thing, taking naturally to the laws and customs of the land, and showing great wisdom on court decisions in talking of them with his father. He was sent to the house of Gustav as a Huskarl and companion of Gustav’s son Bjorn. It was there he met Bjorn’s younger sister, Gudrid, and the two fell in love. They courted with the consent of Gustav and were set to marry.
One day a month before the wedding, Gudrid was violated by a local man named Orr the Whelp. This purpetrator was set before the Thing and a price was set. This man Orr did not pay the fine, and could not be found for several months. Gudrid was a broken woman for these months, and the anger of Bjorn and Thrand only grew. Finally, they were told Orr had skulked back to his parents home and the two set out with several other friends, including Finnric Spearmad. They arrived, bursting into the home as Orr, his parents and two sisters were eating supper. None moved as the men made their way in. Calmly then, Thrand walked up to the table and, picking up Orr’s own sword leaning against the wall nearby, swung a lightning blow, taking off his head and the hand that was still frozen in place holding a spoon near his mouth. This was payment for the rape. The men then ordered the amount of the fine to be paid or one of the sisters would be forced to leave with Finnric. The father agreed to pay the price in stock and mead. The group then took there leave as suddenly as they had come. The act was considered a just retribution by the local council, leaving Thrand and company free men.
Gudrid, however, refuses to get married until a year has passes to remove her uncleanliness. So Thrand now sets off with Bjorn to make his name and fortune. He acts as the Bjorning’s lawspeaker and is Bjorn’s closest strategic advisor. He is known for his inhumanly course beard, for none have ever felt one so.

Thrand Silkbeard

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