Sword of Half-Grim/Starvaggi


SR 20; always active if on person
Dispel Magic (+10 check); always available if on person
Armorbane: negates armor DR and certain defense bonuses based on parrying; magic armor is immune
Sunder attack on a roll of natural 17-20; 1 to 2 wpn, 3 to 4 shield, 5 to 6 armor (sundering magic is more difficult)
+2 effective str for attack, damage rolls and BA checks in combat with sword in hand
Detact Magic: always active if on person
Swiftness: 1 extra attack per round with; UMD DC 20
Mighty Strike: +10 damage on one attack; UMD DC 20
Deflect Arrows 1/round; UMD DC 15
Supernatural turn/rebuke/excorsice undead; UMD DC 25; must be on person.

All activated abilities are max 1/round


The broken hilt and partial blade found during the adventure vs the Piper.
Reforged by Harkon and his dwarves; Anar’s Magic; Finnrik’s Song.
Made purely of the smelted iron of the blood of a giant dragon.
Originally forged by dwarves, enchanted by elves.

Half-grim was one of 3 champions.
A curse on him required the sword to be broken and him to die in order for him to succeed in having children.

Sword of Half-Grim/Starvaggi

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