Langbay Expedition Force

Entire Force

3 ships from Sven (40 ea)
4 ships from 2 Gustav allied Jarls (50/50/60/60)

3 ships (45/45/50)
2 ships from Finnborg neighbor (35/35)

Added from Jarlsleifia:
150 men to Bjorn on 3 ships
50 to Wulfgar on 1 ship

On the hole:

100 1st lvl
500 2nd
100 3rd
40 4th
10 5th

Bjorn’s followers:
50x 1st
5x 2nd
3 × 3rd

Thrand’s followers:
20 x1st
2x 2nsd
1x 3rd

Finnric’s followers:
(closer to berserks than normal warriors. HD changed to d12; 1d4 natural DR; no proficiency in armor, can never take armor prof. feats; when engaged in battle, under effect of berserk str.)
35x 1st
3x 2nd
1x 3rd

Gunnar’s followers:
5 x1st level archers

Langbay Expedition Force

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