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Personal Hordes: each characters booty that they have stored, usually at home

Langbay Expedition Force
Voyage to the Empire

Gustav Towns

Tordekting: Gustav family home and capitol.
Bergin: town that sent Ingmar to ask us for assistance against the Piper.
???: leader Owen missing; his son Eadmund and huscarls turned on us during the shadow augment attack. Now ruled by ‘Village Hero’.
Brekkholm: Gustav land border town adjacent to Forbidden Valley led by Hersir Danehalla, brave man but lacking resources to confront the evil in the valley. Danehalla killed; town usurped by Wulfgar men. Ragnar Danehallason now sails with us.


Upvalla: town of the tower and augments in the valley of Brekkholm and the ancient citadel.

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Main Page

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