Alpha Male: Finnrik Spear Madwarspear.jpg
Eldar: Modar Wolf Heart
Alpha Female: Ylva Biting Teeth (married to Finnrik)
Koku Skull Splitter (Beta male)
Thorhamma Once Belittled
Blagra Bloody Knuckles
Rymak Brittle Teeth
Utzig Bonecrusher
Lukos Raven Called

Ulfhedinn Kin: Finnrik’s followers

Their first action was the siege of Langbay. There, Finnrik led only about 35/3/1 followers, boulstered by 5 x1st and 6 x2nd mantrolls. Of them all, 26 x1st (incl. 5 former mantrolls), 8 × 2nd (incl. 6 former mantrolls), and 1x 3rd returned home alive.
By the time we left for the Empire, his followers about doubled to 75/7/4/2/1, including the mantrolls. They saw little action on the voyage southward. No casualties.
Our exploits on the journey drew more followers from the ranks of the skyldings, and once in the Empire that reputation spread. Between thde 2 we attracted many other northmen from the forces who travelled with us and the mercs in the Empire. Here, they numbered 160/16/8/4/2/1. At this point, Finnrik truly organized, and his units are formalized with titles.

Gungnir’s Scourge: a unit of spearmen, typically led by Finnrik personally. This unit includes kin able to lead the revel music, and looters.
2nd: Idmund Crow Nose

  • Skythian Goblins

Odin’s Reavers: a smaller but elite unit made up of most of the 2nd to 5th lvl followers, wielding waraxe and shield, normally led by Koku or Finnrik. These men can at times be spread out into other units as well.
2nd: Ivar Horse Head, Ulf Ulfson, Harald Thordson, Olaf the Stubborn, Fjori Frodison, Thord Grimson ;3rd: Sven Ulfgrimsson, Olvir the Lucky, Fjolvar Frodison, Hagal Hundingson, Erp the Stingy; 4th: Sirnir Hognison, Hunthjof Snorrison, Agnar Left Handed, Asbjorn Thin Hair; 5th: Alrek the Fair, Valdemar the Black

  • Skythian Goblinoids: gobs and bugbears at blood portal exit saving prisoners

Geri’s Blood Gluttons: spearmen led by Modar, experts in the wild
2nd: Thormod Vignirson

  • Skythian Goblinoids: runner gobs and gobs at bloodgate entrance

Freki’s Ravenous Maw: spearmen led by Ylva, a fast moving ambush unit.
3rd: Vidar Hagalson

  • Skythian Goblins: engaged by 40 tree leaping goblinoids on first night of contact on east flank around hills, over almost before it began;

Bragi’s Favored: unit of battle axemen, currently led by Harog; looters and wilderness experts.
3rd: Trygve Tryggvarson

  • Skythian Goblins

Huginn and Muninn’s Beloved: spearmen led by Lukos; observant watchmen
2nd: Yngve Arnesson

  • Skythian Goblins

Blessed of Frigg: spearmen, led currently by Finnbogi Wolf friend, an uncle and berserker; alert watchmen
2nd: Harald Flat Nose

  • Skythian Goblins: runner gobs and hobs at bloodgate entrance

Finnrik’s Cleavers: exclusively mantrolls but for the 6th level follower; often with Blagra and Rymek, smaller squad sized missions as an elite force; mountaineers
1st: Gauk the Unwashed, Hallbjorn Half Troll, Einar Troll Nose, Ogmund Yellow Eyes, Hervard Rough Hands; 2nd: Raknar Wartooth, Gardar Green Loins, Kol Hot Head, Rolf the Unruly, Jokuk Snaggle Feet, Hamdir Thin Hair ;6th: Leif the Bold

  • Skythian Goblins

Shields of the Allfather: a axe wielding unit led by Thorhamma of the largest, most hulking followers; can build fortifications
3rd: Eirik Blood Axe

  • Skythian Goblins: Engaged 40 mad goblinoids in initial night battle on east flank of hills, slaughtering in moments;

Ulfhedinn Friend: Brokkr Spear Honored, Kyy Twice Born, Finnbogi Butterbeard

Ulfhednar pack tend to associate with one another more than others, even their close friends outside the packs. Prefering to travel together, eat together, and sleep near one another. They are known to hold forgotten primal revels to Odin (including celebrating Geri, Freki, Huginn, Muninn, Sleipnir and Gungnir) Frigg, and Bragi long into the night w/o ill effecting them the next day, specifics of which are sent to them by Odin himself through visions or dreams or messenger ravens or wolves. These are secret revels and rituals. The only non pack members who may attend are Initiated Wolf Kin, though from time to time individuals dubbed Ulfhedinn Friends may take part (still, usually they have to leave at a certain point of the night). Spears are a large part of every revel, often planted vertically in the ground to form the limits of the revel for example. Wild animal roasts are common (the braces of the spit made out of spears, the animal always killed by the pack with spears only), as is mead, sacrifices of animals, weapons (especially spears) into a sacred fire, song, dance, poetry, tales of the gods, etc.
These rituals can get much darker and primal, including sacrifice if intelligent beings and eating of the dead. The latter is never human, but fortitude challenges if eating troll hearts and the like are known, especially in membership initiation.
These rites are usually done at least once a week in order to remain in Odin’s favor.

Rite of Initiation into each pack varies at least slightly. Though there are some similarities and standards, each pack has feedom to personalize and modify it as they go. No benefits are gained but for official membership in the pack. However, if ancient primal Odinnic Rites are discovered, being an initiated member could become important when determining some of their effects.

The Ideal Pack numbers 12, this is a traditional magic number for the pack. A pack of 12 using Odinic primal rites may benefit from enhanced effects. Some may require less or no sacrifice at all.

Overland Travel: The pack travels overland typically in single file, as a pack of wolves often do. At the head is Thorhamma, the smallest and slowest setting the pace for the pack; then comes 2 of the strongest, Modar and Blagra; then the main body of Ylva, Harog, Rymak, Utzig, and Lukos; then another of the strongest Koku; and finally, Finnrik trailing to survey the entire scene.

Ancient Odinic Ulfhedinn Rituals:

These are mostly forgotten rites, gifted down by The Wanderer long ago, able to grant great powers to a pack. They are spread throughout the lands in various forms waiting to be discovered. Once found, it takes a nights revel with the ritual for the pack to acquire its capability. After that, it may be performed without need of the runic ritual itself.
Each requires a night time ritual; only initiated pack members can attend and be effected, though some may effect Kin; 1 can be performed per night with no ill effect for missing sleep the next day; each consecutive night after the first that a ritual is performed, each pack member must make a fortitude save DC 15 which increases by 5 each successive night after a success; members add leader’s cha mod as a bonus; if a third (rounded down) or more fail, the entire pack is tired the next day until it rests for a full night (Minus 2 penalty to str and dex; minus 4 to any endurance based checks; no ritual may be performed the next night unless the pack sleeps during the day instead.)

2 found during time off in homeland, on miniature standing stones/shrines/markers:

Rite of the Wolf Kin: this is for non Ulfhednar who wish to follow the pack as kin. After the initiation rite, they gain a permanent 1d4 natural DR as a level 1 berserk, and Fire Res. = their con modifier; Engaging in one night revel per week = if they are led into battle by an Ulfhednar they feed off a pack member’s fury. While the Ulfhedinn is under the effects of berserk strengh, speed, mind or a combination of the 3, so to are the kin around him.

Summon Hugin and Mugin:calls 2 celestial raven avatars of Odin’s familiars; usually to scout and spy, though they will fight; all pack members can communicate with them as Speak With Animals; Pack Leader can see throught their eyes at will; appear immediately after ritual, staying for 24 hours
Sacrifice of 2 small game animals such as rabits, racoons, ground hogs, etc.

1 in Jarlesleifia:

The Wanderer’s March: mass movement boost/Force March w/o penalty: this may include Kin; lasts the entire day’s march; may be performed nightly. The pack may march twice the normal distance for the day or reach a shorter destination twice as fast. This adds 5 to the fortitude DC after a ritual the next night.

1 on a Hide at Hill Giant Steading:

Odin’s Might: mass bull’s on all pack members participating; last’s entire next day; adds 5 to next night’s fortitude DC if another ritual is performed. Sacrifice of a large animal such as a bull or bear. One for every 6 pack members or part thereof.

2 from the Frost Giants:

Call Fenris Brood: may call celestial/fiendish wolves numbering the same as the ulfhednar pack; they appear at end of the ritual, remaining a number of days equal to the pack leaders cha modifier; any pack member can communicate with them as if with speak with animals; they typically hunt, guard, travel overland with the pack, fight with the pack, scout etc.; this is usable only once per moon cycle; but if performed on the night of the full moon 3 days, those nights do not count against day limit.
Sacrifice of a large game animal such as: a moose per 6 woves; or a dear per 3; or a single intelligent being

Gungnir’s Unerring Blessing: spear only; Each participant gains use of True Strike as the spell one time during next 24 hours; kin can be included, in which case all participants gain plus 1 to all attacks for the next 24 hours; Nightly
Sacrifice of a masterwork weapon or armor; or enough normal weapons and armor to equal same price


Vicious Maw: grants natural secondary bite attack usable for 24 hours; may be performed nightly; if already has bite attack, increase damage by one die size

Horde of Huginn and Muninn: calls horde of ravens to assist; can be odered by pack leader only; ex. block foe unit vision, attack enemy unit to harass, intimidation factor; block missile attacks

Call Geri and Freki: summons 2 celestial dire wolf avatars of Odin’s animal companions; nightly; adds 5 to Fort DC; once per moon cycle; remain for leader’s cha mod in days
Sacrifice of 2 large game such as moose, or a single intelligent being

Shapeshift/The Hammramr: actual wolf man humanoid form; once per moon cycle’ must be wearing ritually prepared wolf pelt; if performed on full moon cycle something extra?

Fearsome Revel: As it is being performed, faint sound of revel travels to enemy positions; wolves stalk their perimeter, flocks of ravens descends upon them the area constantly; Will save (DC 10 plus leader’s cha mod plus number of members in pack participating). Failure means shaken the next day when any Ulfhednar of the pack are in sight.

Odin’s All Seeing Eye: scry far away; leader only; like having crystal ball

Iron Body: natural Dr increases by one die size, and Fire Res is doubled; 24 hours; nightly;

Bragi’s Muse: effects of perform on the ulfhednar are enhanced. While inspired, the token cost to activate a base beserk ability is halved, and rounds while being inspired do not count toward the abilities normal duration.


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