Alpha Male: Finnrik Spear Madwarspear.jpg
Eldar: Modar Wolf Heart
Alpha Female: Ylva Biting Teeth (married to Finnrik)
Koku Skull Splitter (Beta male)
Thorhamma Once Belittled
Blagra Bloody Knuckles
Rymak Brittle Teeth
Utzig Bonecrusher
Lukos Raven Marked/watched/called

Ulfhedinn Kin:

Finnrik’s followers: no armor prof; yes shield prof; DR 1d4; The feed off nearby Ulfhednar in battle: in unit combat if led by an Ulfhednar, they berserk str for the battle. Individually, if an Ulfhednar is in sight and in the battle they berserk str for the encounter.

Ulfhedinn Friend:

Brokkr Spear Honored
Kyy Twice Born
Finnbogi Butterbeard

Overland: the pack travels overland typically in single file. At the head is Thorhamma; then comes Modar and Blagra; then Ylva, Harog and Rymak, Utzig, Lukos; then Koku; and finally, Finnrik trailing.

Ancient Odinic Ulfhedinn Rituals

2 found during time off on ancient stones:

Raven Call:call celestial/fiendish ravens to assist; can speak to anyone in pack as for scout reports, block foe unit vision, attack enemy unit to harass, etc. Intimidation factor; maybe an either/or: 2 talking scouts or a huge flock for one use of harass and block vision etc.

Fenris Brood: may call celestial/fiendish wolves to assist in fight, hunting, just travel for a day, etc. Intimitadtion factor; usable once per moon cycle; depending upon alpha male power, pack may be lead by template dire wolf or have more than 1.


Mass movement boost/Force March w/o penalty: this may include Kin

Hide at Hill Giant Steading:

Bull’s Strength, Mass: this may include Kin

Frost Giants:

Pack Offensive: bonuses when attacking same foe with other pack members; maybe 1d6 extra damage

Typically, only 1 active at any time.

bite: grants natural bite attack

Shapeshift: wolf man humanoid
Fearsome revel: sound of revel travels to further location; opponents who can hear night revel are shaken the next day
Gungnir’s Might: cast to max distance w/o range penalty; or range increment increase; spears do plus 1 die of damage; this may include kin
Odin’s Eye: scry far away
Iron Body: class fire res and DR are enhanced, maybe doubled; this may include kin
Bragi’s Muse: effects of perform on the ulfhednar are enhanced, perhaps base ability requires no tokens to activate; maintain and lasts as long as hear song redardless of normal duration.Or: choose one of the 2 base abilities that you have activated, while under the muse effect rounds do not count vs the duration, only when the effect ends does the duration actually begin. So you only need to begin it the 2.

Perhaps a point system to determing how many an be active, based on the leader in some way, at once. So if a pack can have 10 points, shapeshift may cost 10, but mass str may be 5, Bragi’s Muse 1, and pack offensive 4, and bite attack 2.


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