Voyage to the Empire

The 4 PC’s

All our henchmen and cohorts

All the PC’s followers

Steliokontos and his retinue, including Kalestios

Gudrun, Brynnjalf

Haarkon (no longer with us, stayed at mine in Meanderwood) and his dwarves

Gorn the Nimble

Just under 485 from home, including us
Another 181 from Jarlsleifia, not including our henchmen, under command of Nordbricht

Gorton the Rowmaster: warr 6/exp 2/comm 2; 14/18/16/12/14/12
Vidulf the Tanner
Thorulf the Smith, a local of our hometown
Turi the baker
Steine the brewer
Riki and Fasti, brothers, Hunter and Trapper

New allies:

Giovanni di Celisi, builder, engineer, inventor: arch,dis dev, eng, know, etc. plus 4 bonus to what we do; on own is a master of many such things
The 7 Dwarves
Elf dedicate commander and priestess
2 centaurs

317 Orc warriors or various subraces;
12 black orcs
20 Orogs
3 Ogrillon
33 1/2-orcs
30 Blood Orcs
37 Greenskin Orcs
31 Ghost Faced Orcs
151 Common Orcs
Gort the Server (with ever present serving tray)(common)
Bulger Wolf feeder(blood)
Ulgruf and Muluk(common)
Lycoth and Mykusha(common)
Barak and Graji(common)
Jogus and Jonorg, twin brothers(Ghost faced)
Ribs and Legs (Craak and Grolk)(common)

8 bugbear warriors. 7 regular and the current leader haggar the man at arms

Rolfgar “errol” the flind swashbuckler and Borfromf “Chuck” the gnoll gladiator (left with Kaelen after fire giant module)

Voyage to the Empire

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