The Saga of the Bjornings

Skirmish at Split Top Pass

A skirmish vs Enemy Greenborn Augments

Next Day

We march for the area of the town, 350 orcs in tow, and the dwarves. The 20 greenborn rangers follow.
It takes about a day to get to open ground then we move fast, passing the river bridge where the first battle happened. The town is nearby.
We leave the majority of our force hidden w/in striking distance. The greenborns will recon the opposing ambush force as it splits from the main body so that we can choose just where to strike. They scout the battlefield based on Bjorn’s vision so that we know exactly how this is going to go down.
Thrand recommends sending Ragnar to meet with Gustav to inform him, as no one knows of him. Thrand will join him to get him there.


The town Bluto went to has been razed to the ground. Everyone has been put to the sword. A pile of bodies, hundreds, was burned. Those not killed in the raid were savaged horribly and impaled.
Bluto’s camp is ready for combat. None of the prisoners they have are with them.
They know the exact spot where the ambushing augments will be waiting to spring their trap. Just not when they will arrive.
Our greenborns get into a skirmish with opposing greenborns. When ours report back, they inform us that the enemies are on their way to attack us.
We have all the PC’s, friends, dwarves.
There is a red teardrop painted on the shields of 3 men in Bluto’s leadership circle. They are attired as Normans.
They yell they have only a matter of rounds. Finnric is singing a mighty warsong.
They open w/ a volley to our lookouts and into our greenborn.
Our GB rush into the valley amongst the treens
We react slowly, only the dwf thief who drop sone, Tostunson’s and Gunnar going before they strike again.
Arrows now volley into the Ulfhednar, who spot the 5 of them immediately.
The greenborn bows are longer than any we have seen. They drop 2 of ours in the thin entrance to the left in the pic. Also more volleys into our lookouts.
More flood into the wide entrance at the far end, entering melee w/ our GB.
Bjorn orders our 3 home friends down the hill to attack assist the GB, as do some of the dwarves.
Our ulfnednar charge, Finnric hurling Hungnir. They kill 2.
Toru “Bjorn, behind you!”
The Tostonsons make for split top hill to help. Dw. thief kills another. Gunnar turns and attacks “Bjorn get between us!” and kills 2.
They move in against the ulfhednar, archer battle through the narrow pass, battle continues on Split Top HIll. We lose 1 greenborn there. Haakon takes out 2 w/ AoO. We lose 3 GB at the main entrance. Bjorn and his men on the hill are engaged.
Kyy and Osmo each kill 1. Dulk engages from the front of their GB line but misses. The dwarves there kill 1.
Finnric pulls the Waraxe and kills 2; Koku kills 2; Brokkr misses.
The Prince, Eggin, Raggid and Alfreg charge fore the Ulfhednar.
Bjorn kills 2.
The GB of ours in combat do nothing.
Gunnar steps back and kills; Tostunsos charge out the narrow pass “Out of the way!” and engage the archers there.
The 2 GB left vs Ulfhednar flee. Finnric and Koku have their eyes on them, Brokkr loses them in the green. Against the Tostonsons they try to back off and hide but 3 are still visible. All on Split Top withdraw into the woods down the hill. We are still able to spot about half a dozen of them.
An attempt is made to bullrush Fliggol down the hill but the AoO kills.
The GB at the main entrance withdraw to hide as well but do not hide well in their rush.
Toru is hit 7; Bjorn 29 on 3 hits.
Finnric and Koku follow and kill the 2 who fled them as the dw. archer wounds Koku’s.
Bjorn kills 2 on him.
Toru kill his.
Kyy, Osmo and Dulk give chase at their front, for crit DEAD/miss/kill. Fjalar follow but misses.
All else hold position.
Our GB stop to take care of their fallen.
The Tostosons chase the half dozen visible to the left of the narrow. They catch up to 2 of them, killing both.
Gunnar throws at the last on their hill, who is facing Bjorn, miss/DEAD.
The enemy continue to flee and hide, and all blend away.

Kyy is congratulated for his prowess after being truly out of commission on the trip down. He finds he has for fresh killed animal blood.
About half the enemy down are not actually dead.

Our GB tell of the slaughter at Rimskyld: women and children implaled and such all around town after being savaged; men skinned and flayed.
A banner in a pile of the dead was black with a crimson blood drop in the middle.
Thrand later says Bluto is up to something terrible.
We gather out orcs. Thrand and Rags arrive the next afternoon, Ingvar and Toston.
Ingvar tells Bjorn about a war vs the Nomads down in the Empire, that technically he is still under contract and was sent to gather more men. Bjorn’s brothers are doing phenomenal. Eldest is a Cpt. in the Guard. Soon he may the the Swordbearer or the Exchecker. Gustav have gathered many Hersirs and men, even some neighboring Jarls have sent assistance. He marches with upwards of 1000 men. “It will be a glorious slaughter.”


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