The Saga of the Bjornings

The Hall of the Fire Giant Snurri

We are at Rundan, where we awoke from our Valhalla interlude. Southern area of the Fallen Lands in the principality of Rundanor, west of Albon and the crystal wood (home of elves), on the north shore of the Master’s Sea, east of the isle of the outcast augments.
Kaelen, as said, is staying with us. She has a mole in the Fire Giants and has business in the Empire anyway.

We sail across the sea into a river east of Marak. We take that to Lake Corfu, then south on the river to the Celestial Sea. Then around the penninsula to our destination, the capitol Kelestianoupolis.
To our left we see many goblins, trailing around a mile off shore but keep an eye on us.
On our right, a primitive human kingdom. If we were to land and move, they would likely attack. Otherwise they leave us alone.
Then, on our left, the scythian norselords. Where the fork of the river we are on becomes 1, we pass a city.
To our right now, Magyary. To the left now is the Empire lands itself. Not far up the source of the fork is a large damn blocking the river. Not a good one either. More like massive amount of debris and boulders.

Bjorn says stop here, and gets Giovanni, the dwarves and orcs on top of clearing this damn. Stelio says this was not here before. Should not be here.
Finnrick puts his giant heads on spears on the nearest hill to scare off any of their kin.
After a few hours, Giovanni says it’ll be cleared by tomorrow evening.
We hear the sound of minstrels and wagons and animals.
Stelio’s minstrels start performing.
Once it comes into view, its a fairly large carnival!
Couple of their people come close and hail us in truce.
Stelio, Bonnae, and Rolf all know of them. It’s a famous wandering adventurer and his band led by a man named Burns. The main core is 8, all look like hardened adventurers.
The carnival has about 60 performers.
Bonnae knows Burns having met him a few decades ago, and a man named Arisaan, quite well.
They ask to camp adjacent for protection. Bjorn is amicable.

They are going south to the empire as well!
We eat and talk together, and he has a proposition for us. South, along our way, is Corfu. South of that is a mountain called Polydeus, Mt of the multiple gods. On top of that is the Oracle of the West, twin to that of the East. It is all but forgotten. The East is however still in avid use. The oracle is still there though, but something has been occupying the mountain. A clan of Fire Giants…
Bjorn “Count us in.”
Burns “Ok then.” He explains: They occupy the caverns there. The ruler is King Snurr, or Snurri. His wife Frupy. They are rapacious raiders for hundreds of miles around. The oracle also sits on top of a chamber in Snurri’s layer that leads down into Nifleheim. He’s not asking us to go there, but Snurr is allied with some of the svartalf. One of Burns’ earlier dealings in his career produced a certain treasure that Burns would like. The svartalf are a very chaotic race, in constant flux. This treasure is a person, a young girl by svartalf standards. Most importantly, her treacherous bitch of a mother is currently keeping her from her rightful custody “which is us”. You can kill the mother but bring the daughter back. We will be rewarded, plus we keep all else we find in the form of loot.
This daughter probably won’t come willingly, after being so indoctrinated by her mother this long.
Finnrik says “Snurr is the last head I need” and tells the tale of our great victories vs Giants thus far.
Bonnae says she was already going there, as we know. Now, she’ll tell us why. Brasimol is the name of the wyrm, a fire wyrm. He is one of her arch nemesis from decades ago, being responsible for the death of a friend.
Gunnar is very nervous about this fire wyrm business and is hesitant to go, though he’ll follow Bjorn of course.
The journey to the lair, Burns says, is not exactly a quick thing. He suggests we part ways from our army. There is a town at the mouth of our next river. We will have to go by foot to the giants. From there, we can take our folding boat wouth from their to the sea, or take the dark road, nearing Nifleheim, to where our fleet is sailing.
Bjorn things we’ll just meet our army at the capitol.

Nordbricht will lead our fleet.
Stelio says he can not go, he has to be with our army to get them through the empire.
We arrive at the city on Corfu’s coast uneventfully.
Gudrun throws the bones and runes to see our way ahead.
Bjorn to Rolf ‘Rolf, do you want to join us in slaying giants and drag…."
“F’ing right I do!!"
Bjorn would like to have magic, so Anar is in.
Finnrik is taking his pack.
Thrand and Gunnar, of course.

Gudrun says: the entire Pack must go, all must be present for the Gungnir ritual to Odin.
Brynnhalf must stay. If Ingvarr goes to the giants, he dies. Take on dwarf group or the other entirely. One must stay, for Giovanni will need them. There are many obstacles in the path of the fleet. Fliggol, however, shall take Welm to the mountains. Father Tosten and sons must continue with empire. The cpt of the orcs stays with the orcs. Both princes, Harald and Ragnar, must join Bjorn.
She adds that the magic number is 31.

Bjorn adds Ulf and Hakon as well as the 7 Dwarves.

One left. Sigrid is jumping in her shoes to be chosen, but Bjorn demands both her and Kolfrosta stay with the fleet. Bjorn chooses Hjalprek.
We flesh out the rowing crew with PC followers.

She gives us 12 runes as well: 6 are frost runes, wearing them makes your weapon ‘of frost’ for 5 rounds. 1 is to keen your weapon lasting until you succeed at a crit thanks to the extra. 2 giant bane runes lasting for d6 rounds once used. 2 dragon bane runes or 1d6 rounds, Headcutter rune is 1 use, vorpal after it activates.
Off we go.
Burns stays with the fleet to meet us with the dark elf, along with a druid named Gretchen.
He gives Kaelen a jug off to the side “Make sure she gets a couple ounces of this every day.”

The fleet:
they end up taking down about half a dozen more damns along the way and find out that its been the fire giants doing so.
When we talk to them next they report there were only a few minor skirmishes with horse raiders, but no casualties. Our men whipped them soundly.

Our adventuring force:
At the city, we find a guide who can get us through the forest and the best pass through the mts. A light cavalryman who lived out in a farm, part of the militia with combat xp. Scale shirt, studs skirt, pro with a short bow, couple short spears, saber. Last name Paulos Tziimiskes.
The militia has already been mustered, the next season of war for the empire is coming. Right now, he says, the empire has enemies on all sides. We should have plenty of work once we arrive. He says the giants named their lair Muspelheim. King Snurr Iron Belly is the scourge of this region. The emperor has not the men to face off against giants.
Thrand “Now he does.”
He says there has been calls to heroes. A few have tried, all have failed.

As we make our way south, we come across Fire Giant work, what was once forest communities south of the city.
The closer we get to the mts, the more we notice the amount of smoke pouring from the fire giant lair. There is a volcano there that was dormant until the fire giants arrived. ALways a gray and sooty sky, lots of cinders on the ground. At night, we see the light from the glowing mt’s output here and there.
Once we get to the mt’s area we see the oracle in the distance.
The primary entrance is a large cave opening with a heavy tapestry hanging across it. Paulos is not sure if there is another way in though.

Bonnae searches the area. So do the dwarves. Bonnae says the front door is guarded by a Fire Giant at a balista covering the door, and 2 Ettins behind him. She met up with her mole.
Modar “That was fast.”
There is another entrance. Not guarded itself. It’s where the non giants go in and out, man sized, but leads near the barricks area.
Beyond the guards at the front door is the grand hall, throne room and audience chamber with more giants.
The other hero groups have tried the front door and failed, so they are on alert all the time.

We take the back door, Bonnae taking the point with Volcifar and Minstin. It leads to the main giant sized halls, straight and right. The mole said the barracks is the room to the right. Down there is a large hall and guard post and the arsenal.
She investigates the baracks in bat form. 1 fire giant and 6 ogres. She returns and reports.
Loriel offers to center a magical silence on our attack group going into the barracks. Kaelen will fly i as bat in case there is an alarm there, to disable it.
Bjorn in the silence takes Finnrik, Thrand, Gunnar, Blagra, Thorhamma, Koku, Rolf, Fliggol, and Hjalprek. Bjorn, Finnrik and Thrand will hit the Giant, the other melee’s will each take an ogre, Gunnar and Hjalprek are charged with the last ogre.
In we go.
They are laughing and quite drunk. Making lots of noise already. Good cover for us.
No possible alarm of any kind.
We flood into the room.
Koku brings an ogre down fast.
Hjalprek and Gunnar do the same together.
The fight fully joins.
All the ogres are down next round. As Koku moves in the FG hits him with a slam AoO. Then it draws its blade, after having hurled a spear at Finnrik, and hits Bjorn heavily. The FG goes down, hitting the wall and slouching dead.

3 x gem studden jewelry (neclace,bracelet,ring) 300, 400, 800, respectively
THousands of imperial gp, but they are too hard, debased with iron and such. They are just a unit of currency not a true ‘gp’. More like a sp 784 gp worth of empirial coins.

Bjorn “THey better not be paying u sin thi sworthles coinage.”
Kalestios says they don’t, they pay mercs in pure ingots. That makes us happy.
Bjorn “We’ll give it to the orcs.”
Bonnae "In this place she has her mole, working for the giants, a couple of people she’s been keeping an eye on via contacts that she wants to get out; some of the prisoners she knows are here are potential of hers. Also, a couple people of high prestige. ALso, someone that we know is here, not sure how, but apparently uncle Finnbogi. She knows him too, actually.
She says her mole is kinda 2 friends of hers. Snitch and Narc, one of the Ettins.

Bonnae goes further down the hall, spotting 2 FG in and alcove at a gong alarm on the right; to the right is a very long gallery centered by a row of pillars.
In the meantime, Bjorn opens the double doors behind her. Bonnae returns and picks the lock on the doors. Another set of double doors ahead and passages to left and right out of the room. This room is an arsenal.

hundreds of boulders for throwing, clubs, helm, etc. All giant sized.
Plus 8 barrels of oil.
One shield is a small shield for giants, we could use it as a heavy shield. It has crossed arrows on its front. Bjorn’s blade feels its magic.
The other wing has huge swords, 2 ballista with 44 ammo; throwing hammers, maces, etc. Also a human size comp short bow with quiver of 20, the arrows are magic.

We hear sounds like an animal behind the other double doors. We close the double doors behind us before the potential fight. Opening the door reveals a chimera! It springs upon Bjorn and Finnrik in the doorway before we can react and battle is joined. The dragon head breathes fire on Finnrik and Bjorn then they charge. The 3 of them kill it in the 2nd round. Nothing else in the room, its just its pen.

The gong is hanging from a rope on a tripod. We use Loriel’s silence again to stop the gong alarm. Bonnae is in position to cut the gong in case they try to move it.
We send 8 against them, 4 on each. Brokkr, Fliggol, Bjorn, Finnrik, Thrand, Rolf, Koku, and Rags; with the 3 archers and Anar behind. The Ulfhednarr are ready with a volley of spears if necessary. Both go down in the same round.

Bonnae says the Throne Room is down the pillared gallery south, if we wish to go straight for Snurr. Bjorn has us continue straight on instead. Bonnae says south/right is a closed section of this level. Right goes north and meets with the southern section to Snurr and a passage downstairs.
Bjorn turns us right to finish this north sector first. Up here are communal quarters of females, kids and a kennel of fire hounds.
Rolf “Hounds of the Hells!”
Since Bjorn does not mercilessly kill noncombatants we don’t slay them all.
Also can’t trust them not to warn Snurr at first opportunity.
We go to the kennel straight away. It is not locked, leading to an antechamber. To the left we hear puppy like yelping. To the right some adult growling. We smell sulfer and brimstone.
Bjorn splits us into 2 groups, leaving the dwarves here in the first room to guard.
The left group slaughters the hellish puppies. The few yelps alert the males to the south where our other group enters. They start howling. Then a curtain in the rear opens and the FG Keeper enters wielding a massive club and wearing a large wolf skin cloak.
Modar and Ylva drop a male, and Blagra and Thorhamma as well, on the initial intercept.
Then the Keeper engages Bjorn, Thrnad and Finnrik, waiting for him.
Gungnir gets another crit in this fight for the kill. The Ulfhednarr and Harald make short work of the hounds from hell. We are taking their pelts as trophies! And the Keepers giant wolf pelt.

3 barrels of beer, ale and mead
Crates of dried meat for the hounds
4 javelins with a lightning bolt shaped tip, man sized
A runted hell hound puppy, very hungry. This is the one to try to raise to the good side

Modar says first thing to do is feed it so it sees you as a friend. Modar gets it out and amiable, soon it is not scared of us. He will train it to be acclimated to Bjorn to be its master.

We reverse out of this area then take the next north. Up here Bonnae says is the path downward, but first is a room for other ambassadors (‘a handful’ the Ettin told her), then furthest is another barracks. Only a heavy curtain blocks the barracks.

Bonnae scouts out the barracks, couple dozen Ogres, but no Giants!
Volcifar checks out the envoys’ room: three foppish humans just hanging out smoking a huge hooka. They are of a nationality that is commonly at odds with the Empire in one form or another. Bjorn sends Dopey, Volcifar and Gninthgil with Loriel.
Bjorn sends Koku, Modar, Fliggol and Brokkr in first, they trip 2 and Brokkr moves into a 3rd’s space and we flood in amongst the shocked ogres.
It’s a bloody mess we make of the ogres. The leader tries to make a dash for it through Bjorn, past Finnrik and Modar, through Brokkr and Grumpy but Sneezy goes for the block and halts the march of ruin! He even crits with the AoO! He was not going to let this happen. We then gang up on him and cut him down, along with the last 2 ogres left at that point.

We rest up, eat some grub and drink some giant mead, its quite good. The ambassadors were easily taken out. He has a rakshasha head. Just one was such, the other 2 were just humans.

They have its scepter though, jeweled:
5000gp on the market. Most importantly, the carved ruby tiger at its head.
Down the cave to below, actually just as slope, to a 4 way intersection. Directly across room has 20 giant sarcophagi upright along the walls and 4 even larger on the floor. Some have the likeness of FG carved as the lids.

Back at the rest room:
The room starts to shake, getting heavier and heavier. Bonnae looks down the hall, seeing 6 FG and 8 gnolls, plus 3 Ettins. All armed and ready. KIng Snurr is not one of them. One of the Ettin’s is Snitch/Narc.
We plan for the Ulfhednar minus FInnrik and Koku to go in vs the gnolls with Clyde, Harald and Kolestios
The magic users and archers will fire in support; the rogue types will be hidden waiting to spring at the right moment. The darf bard will support Finnrik’s inspire doom. Loriel will begin inspire courage after initiating with a Shout spell. She puts Gr. Invis. on Kaelen as well.
They stop short of the entry, yelling that we will be spared if we surrender. Bjorn doesn’t buy it, obviously.
The gnolls come in first, greeted by a spear volley and meet our first line. All but 3 of them are taken down quickly. Maybe too, as Bjorn wanted them to hold the line so that the FG definitely pass them up.
The first 2 FG hurl flaming boulders at Ulf and Rags, then the next 4 move in and the combat starts. The 2 hurlers in the doorway stay put so they get charged. One by Modar, Harald and Clyde. The other is gang tackled by Blagra, Rymak, Ylva and Thorhamma to the ground!
What we though was our weak point actually brings one down first as Hakon scores 2 crits in one round!!
Thrand is hit with a major crit, as is Finnrik.
The FG on the floor is unable to get up!
The doorway hurler standing flees once their is only 1 giant left in the room. The one down in the hall starts attacking those swarming him.
Thrand goes down!!
Everyone in the hall takes down the tackled FG then.
Bonnae sends a hand bolt to the fleeing FG and hits but he still keeps going.
A few rounds later we are victorious. The other 2 Ettins flee after the retreating FG.

Snitch and Narc enter the room and meet us “Well that’s odd. Normally when the gnolls are here, their boss is nearby.”
In the rear, Hjalprek is backstabbed!! 45!! He drops to the ground.
A dwarf comes visible with a warhammer he just clubbed Hjalprek with “Snurr sends his regards” and vanishes.
He was the dwarf who skipped out of the Frost Giant lair who was in disguise/illusion at the big feast battle.
Our dwarves are taken aback, what kind of dwarf works with giants!!
Snitch and Narc say his name is Obmi. Anar has a feeling of deja vu.

Bjorn declares we can rest only tonight. They will sortie us to death if we wait longer.
We all stand in a large meadhall. At its end are the 3 Norns, weaving their tapestry from multiple wheels. Lining the hallway are hourglasses of varying motifs. Some may signify ourselves, for in each dream we each walk up to one, then a great rumbling and all the hourglasses fall and shatter. The Norns then cast us from the meadhall.

Next Day

Straight ahead is the tomb room. The southern hall at a left turn. The northern hall goes down a long flight of steps. Bjorn leads the main force into the tomb. Volcifar finds a tunnel in one corner, twisting and turning, big enough to crawl through but not walk. Thorhamma goes into the tunnel with Brokkr, Grumpy, Dopey and Brokkr. it goes downward, confusingly twisting all the way. W/o dwarves, most anyone else would be lost. At the bottom, they come out into a glowing cave, offshoot of a larger cavern of glowing plants and fire beetles about. The main cavern is massive, large lizards living in there, mouths trailing smoke here or there. They turn back and return and report.
Bjorn takes a walk around the tomb in the meantime, but his blade senses not magic.
The other dwarves search for traps and secret doors in the walls and floor but find nothing. Out we go into the hal.

The Ettins say south around the turn are more Ettin guards, visitors area, quarters and storage. Down steps is a torture room, prison, and smithy.
We go for the Ettin area.
First chamber is the Ettin guard room, then community room and visitors chamber and storage room.
In vs Ettins go the 4 PC’s, Rags, Rolf, Fliggol, Hjalprek, Koku, Doc, Blyg and Sovnig. Its quick work for the Bjornings.
5 FG are now walking down the hallway ahead in a defensive posture, one with a white flag waving.
Hakon the Bastard tells Ulf to inform Bjorn. Hakon approaches the FG’s.
The one with the flag is Wiglaf “I am a follower of Baldo, Chief Lt. and loyal opposition to Snurr. Unfortunately he is also Baldo the Imprisoned as we speak, locked away by Snurr.” They and a few others in the compound are under no obligation to fight us, so long as we don’t slaughter the women and kids. They are not pleased with the crap imperial gold, rather be looting in the north of the continent. Between that and the failed alliance of the giant races and his current partnership with the svartalfs, they are sick and tired of this all.
“Free our imprisoned leader, leave us and women and kids free, and they promise not to fight us. You can also rest here if you would so desire.”
Hakon says that sounds an excellant idea, he’s sure Bjorn will agree. When he arrives, he does. They will not fight the other giants. He says we have Snurr, 5 bodyguard, 6 other regular FG, 4 more Ettins, the fire wyrm, Obmi, couple random monsters, svartalfs, fire lizards and beetles, and um……80 trolls. The trolls mostyly all live together. Snurr loves to toss his enemies into the troll complex.
Bjorn “Do you have any idea where Obmi is?”
“He wanders the halls.”
Thrand “If it would come to us, would you be willing to help fight the trolls, not all at once of course?”
Not much chance, to get to them you have to kill the dragon "There’s a high chance that while you fight the dragon, the trolls show up.
He says Snurr was very angry that some elements of his alliance have turned against him. In the prison with Baldo, a tribe of gnolls are enslaved here looking for payback at the chance to turn on their overlords, handful of Frost Giants that were captured as well (its torture for them just being in this warm enviroment).
Thrand “Prisons next then, Bjorn?”
“I think so.”
He says lastly, the torturer is the royal headsman, his axe is known for shearing head from shoulder. Watch out for him. Snurr is on this level right now, likely in the Temple of the Eye. Go down the steps all the way north to an enormous hall/worship area. Immediately to the right after descending the steps is the prison. The dragon is below on the 3rd floor.
Bonnae “What does he want with the svartalf?”
“Something to do with some grand conquest. But its very very big, in the vain of the Master War. Global. Some of teh prisoners are very influential, their sacrifice is to appease our gods.”
Kaelen “Good thing we stumbled upon this.”

On we go to the prison area.
Bonnae scouts out the prison area first. We can hear the smith pounding away just opposote it. She scouts this as well. Then returns and reports. Finnbogi is being tortured as we speak in the torture room.

Bjorn goes to take out the FG and human guard room with Koku, Rymek, Blagra, Thorhamma and Hjalprek.
Finnrik, Gunnar, Brokkr, the Ettin, Fliggol, Ylva and Modar go to save Finnbogi.
Thrand leads the dwarf armiger, Doc, dwarf Wpn Mst, and Ragnar vs the smith and his trolls.
The others watch the hall and ready to backup as Bonnae and her crew start opening cell doors and freeing prisoners.

The 2 dwarves other then Doc bullrush one of the trolls into the lava stream! Thrand destroys the smith with 2 massive hits and a critical, then the wpn mast finishes him off as he joins in. The final troll is the last remaining which we gang up on and kill, then push into the lava.

The Ettin and Fliggol goes after the torturer, the others go after the executioner with the suspected vorpal axe in a big gang up. They are intently going at Finnbogi and we catch then completely off guard. Finnrik and Modar give great furious strikes, Ylva the same on a crit! Finnrik then finishes him off. Gunnar then turns on the torturer 30!! The Ettin then bashes away with Fliggol DEAD.
We free Finnrik’s uncle Finnbogi Butterbeard!!
He says that Finnbogi and Iring Fork Tongue were having issues, and Wulfgar was taking they snake tongue’s side. They were battling Fire Giants as well and Wulfgar sent the berserks vs a band of giants, saying that if they were truly loyal and worthy of Wulfgar’s service they would be victorious. Finnbogi and his bear clan lost. He is the last alive. Wulfgar just kept moving on as they were defeated.
So, he basically sent them to die on purpose. Iring was certainly as much or more to blame for being behind it. Wulfgar’s youngest brother is young and timidand fair of mind, and Finnbogi worries for him. For he stuck up for Finnbogi.
Wulfgar has done great deeds and earned honors.
“Would you believe that he is a troll lord?” They now serve him loyally.
Sounds familiar.
Finnbogi has also become enamored with one of the woman imprisoned here. A barbarian he shared a cell with.

Lots of elven arms and armor, human equipment, centaur armor. Seems all the prisoners’ equipment is in here!

The rescued, all whom we re equip:

  • Elven female: priest (equivalent 10th level cleric), noble, her late husband was tortured to death (his equip is in the torture chamber), we can have his gear and will send a reward once home; she’s from an elf principality south of the capitol across the isthmus; master of healing arts;
    His Gear =
    20 elven arrows: minus 2 DR and extra 10’ increment, d8, usable in long or short bow; arrow of greater slaying (giant); composite longbow; cloak and boots elvenkind.
    Reward upon her arrival home 10000 gp
  • 8 male elves: her body guard; 7 x warr 8th; last the cpt 8th dedicate
  • human male merchant: once we return to capitol his guild will reward us! Knows not with what or how much.
  • 2 noble centaurs: Bellisarios and Avgoustos; native Celestines; work with cataphracts a lot
  • A gnoll and a Flind: these giants love gnoll slaves and as troll food; Borfromph the gladiator and Rolfgar his manager. Rolfgar dress and wpns are rather foppish. They go by Chuck and Errol.
  • 7 gnolls: too rowdy so locked up to be fed to trolls;’ effectively the berserks of the original clan; wield axes with speartip at center/pickaxe double weapon
  • female: Finnbogi’s girl "Gara; princess of the Nugenacers; kidnapped couple weeks ago, here to be sacrficed which makes her very angry; her father Ozgar and his brother Edgar and her brother Vyngar are looking for her right now. They are far west though; she wields a greatsword;
  • Baldo: willing to help kill Snurr! Concerning trolls and dragons he says “We’ll see what happens after Snurr’s death”. The rest of his people aren’t getting directly involved, just him; he wants the vorpal axe of the executioner.
  • handsome man, muscular w/o being huge: intelligent of speech; “Daro”; aside from being physically perfect, beautifal, smart and wise, he says he’s just a regular dude

Guard room with Bjorn et al:
Bjorn, Koku and Hjalprek attack the 1 FG, while the others hit the humans.
The humans are not local, they have a darker complexion. Wearing scale shirts and brown breeches. Wpns are curved swords. They fight in a flashier style. We deal with the entire group in a few rounds, Bjorn and Koku taking down the giant themselves!

Broach set with 6 gems: 5 × 50, 1x 500
Imperial coin = 608 pcs or; 321 ep; 212pp

Behind a pile of boulders reveals a hidden chamber of 7 human female prisoners, local imperial stock. Blagra and Rymak start removing their loin cloths until Bjorn stops them.

10000 imperial gold
Ring: gem is a blue star sapphire with diamond lines making like a falling star, magic
Panpipes, magic

At the end of all this, as things are being gathered and we are meeting everyone, from the north to interrupt everything we hear Snurr yelling for his allies to gather. From beyond the prison hall Kaelen spots svartalf approaching.
We position ourselves:
Vs Drow:
Brokkr, the Elf dedicate, Gara and Harald take the front line; Ulf, Hakon, Blagra and Rymak atackign with reach from behind them. Next is Thorhamma, Modar, Ylva, Finnbogi and Clyde. Glad is inspiring, the elves firing from behind him.

Vs Giant et al:
Bjorn, Finnrik, Thrand, Koku; the other 6 dwarves and Fliggol; Hjalprek and Gunnar; and Rolf.

The new females are noncombatants back from the intersection; Anar and Loriel and Centars are with them. Loriel aids the singing of Glad and Finnrik to begin. She has see invis on herself. The Elf priestess has put True Seeing on Kaelen. They watch for Obmi.
Kalestios guards the non fighters as well with Minstin. Doc is in the rear as well to fire where needed.

Ettins lead the way for Snurr, gnolls amongst them; Snurr’s bodyguard behind them.
In front of the drow are howling gnolls. Anar casts an explosion of fire killing them all. The drow approach, the elves volley into them.

We put a bunch of the runes into effect.
Koku/Rolf/Finnrik/Thrand = frost
Giant Bane = Bjorn/Ragnar
Keen = Bjorn
Headhunter = Thrand

The dwarves switch with our lead men to take on the Ettins and gnolls.

The drow attack, leading with darkness and faerie fire but Loriel was prepared for this. Clyde draws his dagger, with Daylight cast upon it! Their archers fire as well. The fighting there begisn in earnest.
The 2 doors open, between their melee rear and the archer drow, and out come the gnoll barbarians and Borfrompf and Rolfgar into their rear, and their archers. 3 dark elf priestesses stand behind the archers, in shock. Theie archers are mincemeat instantly.
A magic web is cast from the ceiing above, by a drider! Blagra, the elf dedicate are entangled.
The drow priests cast, withering away 1 gnoll, another killed via inflict wounds.

Gnolls drop like flies at Bjorn’s side vs the dwarves. The Ettins don’t last much longer.

Gninthgil Lufetaf fires from the dark room, heavily damaging one of the priests as Chuck, Errol and the last living gnoll there fight on. 2 of the priests fight back in melee. The head priest, behind the fight, casts down the hall a pillar of flame onto all 6 elfs, Happy, Finnbogi, Clyde, Ylva and Modar. Ylva, Modar, 5 elves, and Finnbogi are hid full on. All 5 elves are killed!
The drider climbs down and goes for the Elf dedicate, stabbing him with its stinger. He passes out.

On the other side, the gnolls are cleaned out. Only 1 Ettin remains, who is brought down by our ranged attacks. A second FG guard now stands next to the 1st and begin hurling boulders down the hall.

Where the fireball just happened, a stone giant burrows a hole through and one of the FG guards steps through.
Errol and Chuck hear the sound of combat from ahead including “Eat club flaming bastard!” and “Here’s one for you, ice turd!”
The human females we just rescued turn into wererats!! The merchant is standing right with them. As is Mr. Perfect, looking on quite unconcerned.
The howling of more gnolls comes from Snurr’s direction. The new FG tries to grab Loriel and the elf priestess. Loriel stabs him with her longsword, but the elf cleric is hurled over his shoulder landing between Ulfar and Modar, but deftly.
Loriel steps back from the Giant and hits the rats with a soundburst. The elf left and Kalestios engage them with Anar. Perfect steps against the wall, looks over the rats, throws some powder into the air. All 3 of our guys’ weapons are silvered!!

The Centars engage the Giant, flanking with Ylva, Modar and Finnbogi. Dopey gathers execution tokens on it. Doc, Gunnar and Hjalprek turn on him as well.

Ulf and Hakon engage the drider as the fight continues vs the last 2 tough drow. Clyde joins the fight vs the last 2 drow as well.
One of the gnolls, Clyde and Harald kill one of the 2 drow still in the melee!
Chuck and Errol kill their priestess.
Volcifar and Gninthgil spring out of the room onto the head priestess. They see 6 FG beating down on 2 Frost Giants down the hall where the drow came from!
The last gnoll there is brought down by a priestess. The head Priestess steps back and hits each with Hold.
The last drow fighter keeps fighting, killing 1 of our last 2 gnolls.
The drider engages Hakon and Ulf and stings Blagra, who makes the save.
The FG takes down B centaur then nails Modar.

Bjorn orders an immediate charge at the throwing giants. Snurr and Snitch/Narc reach the hurlers first. They stand at the entrance to the temple. The 2 hurlers step apart and the Queen steps into the line between them with her flaming mace.
Snurr stands right behind them, his flaming greatsword already on fire.

Perfect turns to fight, and he is suddenly wearing chain, fur shoulders, wielding a broadsword and steel round shield.
The rats kill the elf, only the dedicate remains of their ranks.

Dopey leaps in, dealing 75 to the FG in the hall DEAD!!! It falls upon the centaur, pinning him.

Rymak brings down the last drow fighter.

Finnbogi steps to the drider for a crit DEAD. Its guts spill onto Blagra. Thorhamma and Harald cut Blagra free.

Chuck backs out of the fight. Errol goes for the secondary priestess.
The head priestess flees.
Ylva and Modar climb over the dead FG and see up the hall at the main fight.
Gunnar, Hjalprek and Doc head that way.

Bjorn, Finnrik and Thrand join the fray. Snitch/Narc are taken down!!

Kaelen spots Obmi skulking into things now, coming out of the stone giant hole invisible, prepping his attack right under her, about 10’ behind Ylva and Modar. She drops down and nails him for 60. Perfect is walking that way as well.
The last priest is killed by Gara and Erroll.
They see the Fire G’s finish off the 2 Frosts. 2 are left.

Erroll yells the Giant warning.
Volcifar and Gnintghil come free and they all rush away from the Giants.
Hakon is up for this challenge. He forms everyone up to hold them off: Blagra, Ulf, Rymak, Brokkr, Harald, Finnbogi, Errol, Happy and Gara. He gets the 3 assassin types into a side room, as before, to hit them in the rear.
Clyde sees Bonnae engages and rushes that way!

The merchant has fled the entire scene but the rats are now finished off.

Doc moves to patch up Snitch and Narc.
Koku moves in with Bjorn; Fliggol and Rolf with Thrand.
Baldo turns on us, the lust for Gungnir too much, and throttles Finnrik for 100!!
Our men behind the line attack him in return.
Modar and Ylva see the turn of Baldo and rush down the hallway.\\\

Finnrik slays the Fire guard, cleaves Baldo DEAD!!!!
Koku crits the wife DEAD!!!!
Thrand crits and along with Rolf’s 2 hits he’s DEAD!!!

40 gnolls are far behind Snurr, cowering together in fear and whining.

Obmi turns in a circle, lobbing his hammer up the hallway, draws his axe and attacks Kaelen in one motion. Her AoO hits, Clyde flanking. Clyde’s AoO brings him down!! Just before the throw that would have killed Hjalprek!! Obmi is at neg. 4 when Kaelen stabalizes him.

Mr. Perfect arives at the rear of the Snurr fight. Snurr gives him a snearing look.
Perfect to Ragnar “Give me your sword, I offer you a swap.”
Ragner “Here.”
Perfect draws out Frostbrand “You are now a loyal follower of Freyr.” He’s here to make sure Gungnir gets out of here.
He then instantly heals Finnrik to full health, gives Snurr a vial hand gesture.

Hjalprek rushes back to back up Hakon’s line.

Snurr backs off into the throne room, around a corner. Bjorn and Finnrik surge ahead with Koku, Thrand and Rolf. Ragnar is just behind them with Koku and Ylva.
Gunnar follows in behind us.
We him 20’ up at the top of a staircase, holding 2 burning boulders in hand.
Mr. Perfect, Freyr, has vanished in a flash of light.
Holding a flaming glaive, he hurls a flaming boulder hitting Thrand.

Finnrik, Bjorn, Rolf and Koku run up the steps, Thrand trailing after getting nailed, with Ragnar. Gunnar starts throwing from the bottom, Ylva and Modar flanking him.
Snurr’s AoO hits Rolf, then he unleashes an attack on all 4 of us and the battle begins. In a couple rounds, Rolf goes down. He then cuts Thrand’s shield hand off!!! Bjorn yells for Modar to pull Rolf out, he does. Ylva moves closer to the gnolls huddling together and unleashes a primal howl to keep them honest.
Bjorn then uses Starvaggi to speed his attacks, and crits with 2 other hits!!
Snurr continues his assault, but fumbles his attack on Bjorn, so hitting only Finnrik and Koku.
Modar unleashes his own primal howl into the gnolls.
Finnrik crits 136 DEAD!!!!! Snurr goes down with a crash!!!
Ylva “Gungnir has drank well today.”

With Hakon in the hallway, Hjalprek’s first shot, with the slaying arrow, kills one of the 2 FG charging us and the other hits Rymak and the battle wages. Rymak is KO’d as we surround him. Thorhamma crits, taking off fingers!! It drops its greatsword because of it. Harald then gives it the death blow!!
Bonnae yells to them if they go forward they can wrap around and potentially get to Snurr’s rear. Thorhamma leads Blagra and Brokkr that way, and after a turn or 2 comes up into the room behind Snurr. He is already on the ground, however.

Finnrik beheads Snurr. After we are done here, he will perform a double ceremony outside: giving Gungnir back to Odin, and initiating Harog the last rageborn Gnoll into the Ulfhednar.

Finnrik and some others sacrifice to Freyr as thanks for his assistance, and to Odin who likely sent him.

The pipes from the prison area turn out to be Pipes of the Sewers, may have been useful vs the wererats.
The Ring is a Ring of Shooting Stars with extra oomph.
The smaller bunch of imperial coin not given to the orcs goes to the 2 dwarf groups. The 10000 wil be split among those rescued from here who need it to get restarted. Especially the women from the empire.
The large small shield is an arrow attracting shield. Attracts all arrows w/in 30’ diameter around wielder. If kneel down behind and hold up as cover = 50% miss chance

We rest up and sleep for the night.

Next Day

Uneventful night, we sleep in a bit late.

Snitch/Narc are awake. They tell us the layout of the bottom, where the trolls/dragon/drow are in relation to one another. They say the drow won’t come out of their area into the main room unless accompanied by giants, its too close to the dragon lair. There are no giants left.

We discuss a sortie vs trolls but framing the drow, but Thrand remembers we are supposed to get that drow kid for Burns at the carnival. Sending rampaging trolls into the dark elf rooms would probably get it killed.
The trolls number about 90, including young. The drow, 60.

We go downstairs to get a look at things. There are lots of drawings and writing on the walls. Brazamol is everpresent for a long long time here, it seems. He’s very very old. Many different factions have come and gone from here. Tales here even show Braz fighting in the dragon wars vs the Masters. Bonnae and the elves say this was centuries prior to the Masters leaving. Like the Masters controlled and were tied into magic of the world, as is Braz. Magic may work differently than usual against him, including items. He’s some sort of magic sponge. But, things like runic magic that have nothing to do with the Masters’ magic will work fine. So, Gudrun’s runes, Starvaggi, Gungnir. Stuff like the flametongue, on the other hand, should not be used. Direct casting on him is probably a general bad idea. He set his lair up here because he dislikes the drow. There is for sure a passage to nifleheim from here to block them. He has only tolerated them now because Snurr was allied with them.
The trolls were thralls to Snurr.

She takes a cave path behind the dragon lair. Anar, Bonnae and Rolf, while looking at all the pics and such, they notice Braz was critically wounded in the Master Wars and it took him over 100 years to heal. Soon before he moved here. This is where he rested that century. Some hero, probably a First, struck him a terrible blow before being smited himself by Braz. The blade that almost killed him was imbedded into his flesh. The blae was not pulled out for a while, and he needed the help of a servant. Braz has kept it ever since. Looks quite plain, but for its jeweled scabbard.

Bonnae bats up and scouts the drow caves. They have a fairly fortified setup, with makeshift barricades and such. She finds Eclavdra. Speaking elfish herself, she listens in.
Most of the drow seem common soldiers. Maybe 10 are real Champion type. Even some multi spellcasters amongst them. There are 2 separate camps of drow, oddly. Eclavdra and her group, then another group led by Nedylene.
Eclavdra is teling them about us having killed the ‘holy one’ (drider). Nedylene calls here a failure for such a travesty going down to mere humans. They talk that we were supposed to take out the blood cult but not hinder their spider cult. So, there has been some manipulation by them agains the blood cult, or at least hopes on their part about what we were concerned about and what we were not.
Grandiose statements are said about this dark elf child, Nedylene comments how dangerous she could be if she found about her true parentage. Prophecies that she could even spell the doom of all they hold near because of her father’s side. She is potentially quite powerful.
She zooms off while they are occupied to find the girl Burns wants. Hanging out with a bunch of drow. She seems to have an honor guard of 3 drow warriors near her all the time. The treat her special, doding on here even.
She flies back out and reports, with a plan. She’ll take a squad in her portable hole, unleash them in the room and kidnap the girl. Inside will be Volcifar, Clyde to grab her, Harald, Thorhamma and Gara.
She flies them back inside fast. The mission is a rousing success, 2 of the guard killed the 3rd staggered.

The drow are fast all abuzz.
We set up so when the drow come out looking for her, they see Gara carrying the child over her shoulder into the troll caves with Harald behind her. Bonnae is already inside. Gara and Harald go into the portable hole and Lady Bonnae flies away and hides.
Our force hides in the tunnels south of the troll entrance cave.
After a few minutes of the sighters reporting and the drow organizing, their rescue force of about 20 comes out and into the troll area. They are expertly stealthy.
Bonnae hears them while they move in, and they are nervous about this. They mention not wanting to wake up Brasimol Magicbane. She returns and reports, leaving the portable hole open on the floor with the prisoner in it guarded by our wounded Snitch/Narc; Rymak/the elf dedicate/Borfromf/the merchant/the 2 surviving centaurs.
We wait a short time then follow them inside in column, 3 abreast. We are moving down when we hear the first shout by a drow “No, they’re awake!!” to our left.
To our right, another drow swears out loud in efish “Ah, %#^$”.
Then thunderous troll roars from all directions ahead.
Bjorn ordrs double time ahead to the center room where no drow were heard. We know there is a rear passage in there to the southern section thanks to Snitch/Narc. We hear combat to both sides. Bonnae cuts north to look in on the fighting. Loriel sends her pseudodragon to the south.
We find 16 trolls, 2 large nest areas on opposite sides of the cave in clan groups. 4 adults and a dozen children.
Bjorn “Kill them all!”
One of the trolls to the left is 2 headed mutant!

Bonnae sees 8 drow warriors in a circle battling trolls around them. 3 or 4 others apart are eating a drow warrior. 27 trolls total.
The pseudodragon sees 10 drow holding off vs 13 cave trolls!
Each group has at least one arcane caster among them. The caster in the south room make a mass rush and overrun the drow line. The chief leaps atop the mage and rends him to death. The drow have crumbled.
In Bonnae’s, another group of trolls pour out of another tunnel and the drow are crunched in. The drow mage unleashes a massive ball of fire centered on himself!!

FInnrik, Koku and Fliggol go left supported by the Doc and Gunnar; Bjorn, Thrand and Rolf to the right nest supported by Anar and Hjalprek. The elf cleric enters for emergencies, Dopey guarding her.
The next group are to keep downed trolls down and burn them to death: Harog, Rolfgar, Kalestios, Dopey.
Koku and Hjalprek score crits on their first attacks. Thrand, Bjorn and Rolf can hardly believe it, assuming at first it was Anar’s shot. Koku’s drops. The 2 headed groll moves in on Fliggol.
Rolfgar moves in to cut and burn when he has an opening. Harog charges the 2 headed troll. Volcifar, Kalestios moves in to help Rolf. Loriel and Happy enter behind them to also cut and burn. Bjorn eviscerates his full size troll, which drops to the ground crippled. He then kills it and cleaves Thrand’s for another crit DEAD. He then targest the last of the 2 full size trolls on his side.
THe large troll fumbles, falling to the ground!!
Finnrik is getting hammered as the other adult attacks Koku.
Bjorn turns as 3 youngs swarm him. Thrand puts the adult down. Kalestios starts burning it.
Koku drops the other adult on his side!!
Harog drops the 2 headed after Gunnar had axed it to shreds.
IT stands up almost immediately and hits Koku.
Finnrik then drops his last 2, as Fliggol drops the last of the small ones on that side. Koku redrops the last big guy. All start getting cut up and burned.
Bjorn finishes off the last 2 on his side on the same round!
Burning all around.

The pseudodragon returns and reports. Bonnae is soon to follow. The fireball hit the trolls hard, the caster was gone altogether. The troops are still there somehow, and backing up down the hall toward us.

We collect ourselves but for the burners.
We hear the cave trolls coming up the main hall from the south. Bjorn chooses to hold the hall vs the cave trolls and let the drow hold the northern troll force. Thrand says we should send a force south to hit the cave trolls from behind. Bjorn send Gunnar, Finnrik and whoever wlese Finnrik wants: MOdar, Ylva, Thorhamma, Grumpy, Brokkr.
Anar backs up Bjorn’s line of himself, Thrand and Finnbogi, with Blagra, Ulf and Hakon with reach weapons behind them.
Bjorn sends Bonnae to tell the drow to hold the trolls or we’ll let the cave trolls by into their rear, too.
The leader says to her no way “they’ve got a mountain troll in there.” She says you can fight them, or them and the vikings and the cave trolls. 5 of the 8 decide they are fleeing anyway, 3 want to hold the line. Bonnae shows them Bjorn’s line, blocking their escape. They have no choice.
Bonnae yells for Loriel to come out, and has her Daylight the area in case the drow try to screw us with Darkness.

Clyde sees the rest of the drow stirring on their side of the cavern. He runs, finding Bonnae, and reports, then returns to his position.

Bonnae carefully peaks into the dragon area; she sees the huge treasure chamber, which he is coiled atop of. Braz himself has visible old scars. He rolls over once, and under his wing are is a large red gemstone embedded into a hole shaped scar.

Loriel, knowing Mountan Trolls are vulnerable to sonic, her specialty, and unleashes a massive sound burst upon it for 82!! Anar at teh same time hits the south trolls with a fireball.
The cave trolls can spider climb, and use that to their advangate, a few youngs on each side coming at us from the walls. The battle joins. They were obviously damaged already, we bring down several of the climbers.
Clyde arrives, saying the drow are on their way!
BJorn orders the rear pole rank to turn and meet them! Hakon, Ulf and Blagra turn.
Finnbogi takes down the first adult cave troll.
Bjorn and Thrand step forward. They bring it down! Then cleaves down 3 adjacent young and engages the last adult.
Finnrik is in sight, but that force is all but gone. They’re in time for the Mountain Troll thankfully.
The Mountain Troll lays waste to the drow, only 2 remain already.
It’s about to get serious.
Bjorn is rended, but Koku hits from behind and brings it down.
Bjorn yells for the Ulfhedinn up the hall "I have business with the drow.
As they pass, Finnbogi joins them.
The Mt. Troll steps aside and melds into the rock! The horde of normal trolls behind charge in.
Bjorn lines himself, Thrand and Ragnar up to meet the drow at the mouth here; Ulf and Hakon are on the flanks to pincer their front rank, Blagra reaching from behind with his Glaive.
Modar uneashes a Primal Howel, sending 8 of them running in abject fear!
The drow come around the corner and are surprised to see Vikings come into view. They stop and try darknes, but our Daylight is still there.
They move up to engage. 40 of them, Eclavdra and Nedylene in the rear. The trolls fill in the gap.
We drop the first 3 drow,and bowfire takes out another one. Their fodder stops in their tracks, and they send up 3 champions.
Bjorn “Just walk away. No one else has to die here. Just walk away.”
Eclavdra and Nedylene are now in sight in the rear.
Their champs keep coming. 3 of them, one on each of Thrand/Bjorn/Ragnar. Ulf and Hakkon are positioned around the corners of the opening to surprise them.
The Mountain Troll comes out of the wall at the Ulfhednar ranks!!! Brokkr, Grumpy, Finnbogi engage it.
Ylva looses a howl, 7 trolls flee!!
A barrel of oil, open top, drops from above those trolls down the hall and a flask of alchemist fire ignites it! Kaelen has opened the portablet hole high up on the wall!
The fight there commences by Finnrik and Koku, as does the duels vs drow champions.
Thrand and Ulf kill one immediately, as do Hakon and Ragnar!! Thrand unleashed a max dedicated blow, the myrmidons both sneak attacked, and Ragnar crit’d!!
The other drow stop and fire hand quarrels at Thrand and Ragnar (who is hit 3 times, 2 are crits).
The drow command flee!! Leaving their troops to delay us.
Grumpy is rended and bit terribly by the mountain troll, landing behind the ranks at the creature, in front of Gunner.
Anar hits the already burning trolls with a fireball as Bonnae dumps another barrel of oil on the fire, many troll are killed outright!
Gunnar hits the mountain troll right in the throat as Finnrik and Koku and Thorhamma drop more trolls.
Ylva joins in vs the mountain troll with Brokkr and Finnbogi.
Bjorn and Blagra drop the last champion, Thrand and Ragnar charge into their mooks with Clyde.
Loriel tells the elf priest to cast a rock to mud or the ilk on it, perhaps it will damage it, then steps forward and hits it with a greater shout.
The almost dead Mountain Troll pleads for mercy and leniency!! “I’ll call off the rest of my trolls if you let me live.”
Blagra joins in vs the drow.
Bjorn agrees to its plea.
He backs into the far cavern with the other trolls.
Once a handful of drow have been slaughtered, the others flee for their lives.

We take a long break; Rolf and the elf priestess use some of their magic healing on us we are so beat up, since we have Brasimol left.
We hear him stirring, the wyrm is definitely awake.
Snitch/Narc, the 2 centaurs, Borfromf are now available thanks to the healing as well as Rymak and the elf dedicate.
Many of us have much reserve gone, though.

We start to discuss plans for Brasimol. He is between Old and Ancient based on Loriel, the elf priestsess, and Loriel’s discussions.

Bonnae, enemies with the wyrm, will make her presence known and draw it out into our fighting zone. Bjorn, Finnrik, Thrnad and Gunnar will take the head. The rest are split left and right of the cave opening into its lair to hit the flanks and rear.
Anar will make quickly into the lair for the magic blade.
After some spell prep, Bonnae easily lures it out. It must hate her as much as she hates him.
It walks right out looking around, seeing the 4 PC’s first.
Brasimol “So Kaelen, I see you have assembled quite a host.”
Hjalprek flees in terror, obviously. Modar yells an insult to him as he does.
Finnrik has the warsong going, aided by Loriel and Happy.
Ragnar and Koku get the dragon bane runes. The 2 frost go to Finnrik and Finnbogi.

First to charge in is Thorhamma!! The AoO miraculously misses, fumbling the bite for next round!!
Bonnae has vanished again, heading under the wyrm for the gemstone weak spot. Hakon, Koku, Snitch/Narc, Ragnar follow him in on th elft; On the right Ylva, Kalestios, Fliggol, and Harold hit the flank.
It then attacks, including a 56 hit to Ulf. It’s hasted!! The attack shreds his mail coat!!
Thrand, Finnrik, and Bjorn charge from the front.
All 6 other dwarves charge, and roll under the dragon hacking at its belly!! Brokkr joins them.
Gara, elf dedicate and Bogi join Ragnar at the rear; Ulf joins the front 3 PC’s
Rolf sinks his holy avengetr in to the hilt, the wyrm screeches in pain. Terrible black steam spews from the wound and Rolf pulls back only a piece of his blade!! He is appalled beyond belief.
We get a few crits this round, by Ragnar, Koku and Thorhamma.
Anar is coming down the hallway from the lair. He asks who is getting it, and Bjorn yells to run it to Rolf.
It lifts and flies, then turns. We scatter out best before the breathweapon is unleashed. It hits Thand, Bjorn, Kalestios and several of the dwarves. Grumpy, Kalestios and Bashful are quite the worse for wear afterward. Bashful drops!!!
Bonnae plunges 2 daggers into the scar tissue around the gem and injects acid, and starts prying it out.
The dragon drops downward, belly flopping onto the elf dedicate, Finngobi, Gara and Fliggol.
Kalestios bows out. Loriel runs for Bashful.
Rymak pulls Fliggol out the front of the dragon. Anar runs for Fliggol and gives first aid, barely saving his life. We rush back in, Bjorn plunges his blade into the scarred spot now just after Bonnae drops from it crit 88, knocking the lose gem completely out!!!
Rolf full attacks with the dragon bane blade.
Ragnar crits the rear!! Then hits 2 more times.

The dragon’s heat almost ruins the frostbrand of Ragnar.
It drops DEAD!!!!

Ragnar “I am Ragnar, Dragonslayer!!!”

We start pulling out the others underneath it.

The fibers of skin that were under the gem begin to close up! The gem must be destroyed!! Rolf runs over with the dragonslaying blade and strikes the gem.
It blows in a small fireball around Rolf as it is destroyed, Brasimol permanently dead. The blade a heam of ruined metal itself.
Brasimol lets out a sudden final wail of death before falling completely limp.
The dwarves immediately set to work on its hide.

The Ulfhednar take the heart of the wyrm.

First aid to Bashful, Elf dedicate, Finnbogi.

The mountain begins to shake soon after. We finish and gather out stuff.
The dwarves hack off the head first, claws and teeth. Then all the hide they can get.
We loot all we can until we know it is too long.


jeweled wpn = 1500
12 ivory statues = 3500 total
bloodstone idol, shape of person with outstretched wings: 1900
jeweled scabbard (from now destroyed dragonslayer): 6000
Load of imperial coin for troops and followers

We get upstairs. The upper level has caved in!! We take an underground route, going deep underground. After a day and a half we exit into daylight.

Only the headcutter rune is still not used up (Thrand used it vs dragon but never rolled the 20).

We come out near Delios, and go to Archaea where we run into Burns, surprisingly. He takes the dark elf kid off our hands.
He says he owes us for this one. “Favors from me are a valuable thing.”

Kaelen and her gang take their leave from us in Archaea. Rolfgar and Borfromf go with her.

The Ulfhednar perform the ritual to Odin. Spiking the 3 heads of the giant lords around it.
Harog is initiated with the dragon heart.
Late in the middle of the night the Wanderers arrives!!
The pack bows in reference. The Wanderer takes the spear, leaving his walking stick in its place. Gungnir turns into such in his hand. He thanks us for our impressive work and service. As his reward, he has many gifts and blessing to bestow upon Finnrik and his pack. He says Finnrik is officially Alpha Male of a true pack now. "You will all be as one, and the rest of the pack will now flock to you until the full potential is reached. This is the third part of the ritual for the Wolfshapes. When Finnrik calls for the change, Odin will unleash it.

The marriage to Ylva is done this night to end the revel. The Wanderer gives his full blessing.

His left staff has a place of honor at all rituals. It acts as a pack totem to the Allfather.


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